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  1. Bump..350gt rare..Zed with a back seat.
  2. I'm in for the throttle body spacer. Pm me !!!
  3. Very nice...I've got the us spec 4dr..love it. Your blue is carribean blue in the us..and the rarest color.
  4. Castlefords about 30-40 minutes drive...i may be in the area on the 11th....is a meet still on ?
  5. Just checked out track torque up in North Yorks, great shop !! Spoke with Craig...Really good guys and of course they run a vq35 in one of their race cars. Worth a look !! Plus Craig works with Abbey motors for tunes !!
  6. I too thought of the Kinetix route, however everything ive seen on the US forums for both the G35driver and 350Z is that the spacer is much better value and gains overr the V+. The V+ is lighter and provides less heat soak, but for the money...you get the same gains...providing your motor is in its stock configuration.
  7. slickrick, any difference with the hiflows with the tune? and according to the chart posted on pg1, motordyne posted more gains with the combination of bolt-on's .... did you get a tune between each mod or all at once...i assumed all at once. curious on how your combination of Mods responded compared to Motordyne's advertised graphs. I didnt catch if yours was a g35 or a 350gt, and DE or HR ? My experience: Ive got a g35 sedan...DE. With the DE alot of mods seem to be hit or miss, but ultimately the overall health and environmental conditions of the motor would determine how well the mods respond. So in your case, the environmental conditions of the UK is bit different from the states. I can tell you on warm days here, my G feels sluggish compared to a cooler morning. In the states i drove it from NY to TX and all parts inbetween. Overall i feel like it pulls a bit better here in the UK...but ive never had a tune. In the states i had JWT pop, coupe midpipe, and HR OEM cats. I think the HR cats are a bit less restrictive than the DE..but i could be wrong. Car definetly improved. October i installed a ISR Y-pipe, and a custome stainless 3'' to resonator and from the resonator to the backbox was a short 3'' to 2.5'' inlet of the backbox. Car definitely pulls harder, but i plan on adding the plenum spacer and possibly decat or hiflows....but id like to see your gains. I have 160+K on the clock..for a 15 year old car i choose my mods carefully to maintain drivability and reduce strain on the motor. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/112027-us-spec-g35-in-north-yorksbeen-around-for-a-bitformal-introduction/
  8. missed this one...should have kept a better eye on this section Not ready for a tune on my DE ... its only got JWT pop, ISR y-pipe, OEM HR Cats, and a custom 3in exhaust.. dont think id benefit completly without going plenum spacer+hiflow cats or test pipes.
  9. Any tips or tears in the couplers ? Check between the bumps.
  10. Same question i had as i am just north of leeds...If you find a good place near leads please let me know...i would really appreciate it.
  11. BenC,hope it's nothing big...I had an issue but in oil and smoke from my engine bay. I was mortified, but looking through the engine bay I noticed the dip stick was not seated all the way in...I little bit of the rubber seal was torn...ordered a new one from Z1 Motorsports and no issues since. I hope your issue is something simple. On a side note Kaizer And Abbey are both 4 hours south of me, can anyone recommend a shop near Leeds ? BCk on the subject of BenC...clogged pcv valve stuck closed ? That's a possibility and really cheap to fix/change your self.
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