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  1. Are the MPS4S now available in 18" sizing? I read somewhere that they were in the US but they wouldn't be available in Europe.
  2. You're welcome. I'd definitely use them. Just over an hour from where you are.
  3. Collected my car today. Very efficient, courteous, old fashioned service. They drove me to the station when I dropped the car off and offered to pick me up today. Dealt with Andrew Atkin who was extremely helpful. I had a P2 service done, MOT and fit 2 new MPSS tyres on the front (which I got from Oponeo for £300). Also adjusted the rubber belts, which were noisy at times and stripped and cleaned the brakes. Total cost for all of this was £289. They also provided, free of charge, one full year's Nissan Roadside Assistance (provided by the RAC). So all in all, very happy with the service experience!
  4. I'm in the same situation, I'm in Saltaire. My car is going in to Atkin on Monday for a P2 and MOT. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Thanks. I'd looked at Atkin and they've had some good reviews here. Looks like a day trip to Malton...
  6. Hi Any recommendations for having a service in Leeds/Bradford? Thanks
  7. Any word from the OP? I'm intrigued by this...
  8. I can see we're thinking in the same direction...
  9. Yea weird as it is ... I unlock the door sit down and the noise seems come :/ If you don't sit down, does the noise still appear?
  10. Sounds like an electric seat motor...
  11. Interested in the centre section. Is it still available?
  12. Strange door mirror?
  13. GM 350 coupe in Woodstock this evening...
  14. I have an '06 350 roadster (Rev-up). When I start the engine from cold (clutch in, no throttle) the revs immediately shoot up to around 3000 then drop back to a 1500 rpm idle. Is this normal? I'm worried by it revving so high on a cold engine with probably poor oil circulation for that first second or two. When the engine is hot, the revs go up to around 1500 on starting then drop back to around 800 idling speed. Is this a fault or do all Rev-up engines do this?
  15. Wednesday evening, just outside Moreton in Marsh...





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