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  1. This thread is awesome :-) I do love a good build thread.
  2. You can join for free and see the pics mate, but you will be restricted from posting and using the classifieds.
  3. Fitted mine last night, car feels perfect to me on sp3, reminds me of my old s2000 sp9 :) :) Moist roads,ESP turned off and sp9 is an interesting combo , wish I'd bought one months ago.
  4. Cheers mate , blood swear and tears went into that . Took over a year to finish ! There is a build thread on the car on z club website "project gunship" it was painted like a Vietnam helecopter originally and had a grenade as the gearnob ha ha
  5. My mrs has been in america for two weeks working and gets home Saturday so going to have to stay at home this weekend. Will definitely make the next trip though, should have my upRev done by then.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I picked the car up in London from trade link, although the previous owner had it down in Swansea. I'll get some photos up soon , can't seem to attach any pics to this thread. Do I have to use an image hosting site like photo bucket?
  7. big rex 2

    wheel spacers

    Hi guys looking for eibach wheel spacers or similar , 2x25 mm and 2x20 mm cheers, Adam
  8. Hi Guys, I bought my 350z back in may after selling my 240z resto mod. I've been enjoying the 350z and I imagine it belonged to someone on the forum as it has had quite a few mods done to it, the plate is RK55SSS anyone know it ? cheers, Adam
  9. I'm interested in these if they are still available.
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