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  1. Nice build mate, Glad to see another TT car knocking about!
  2. I went from a Lexus ISF to F10 M5 recently and love it... The lexus was an excellent car but the new BM is an animal!
  3. @*!# dude, Builder going to re do it. Warranty claim Thats surely a build issue?
  4. Is there an easy way to more 5k? I just know ill never have time to re link them all etc?
  5. Talk to photo bucket.... all the pics in my build thread have now been ****ed over lol
  6. I broke 3rd gear off the shaft on my box to... ;(
  7. Ill be there! Its a great event. been every year for almost 10 years
  8. pi**ed off, its killed my build threads...
  9. Wow... Love it... Who built this set up? Would love a custom Ti single ;0
  10. djtimo

    Golf R

    I did 1200 miles in may in our works Golf R estate as "pace car" for our supercar tour! To cut all the bullshit... Great car, suites B roads, bit boring on a big track.
  11. Oil cooler bits have arrived! -12AN fittings (LARGE!) 25 row cooler core. Fitting in place I have also tested the motor for head gasket issues with a basic chemical block tester. This was placed in the swirl for and sniffs coolant for hydrocarbon. Test liquid stays blue if OK. Turns green or yellow if HG has failed. I did the test twice so fingers crossed all ok. These pics are AFTER so staying blue looks to me like all is ok. Fingers crossed my over heat issues are airflow, oil temp, or tune related.
  12. Up to 120C but have to back off due to coolant temps. I have seen 133C when NA though so guess this would keep going if coolant was ok. My theory is coolant seams closely linked to oil temp, I'll see if reducing oil temps causes coolant to follow it down?
  13. Flux wouldn't quote me. Or Sky. Prestige would but won't cover the mods like for like. WHY? WTF? You have points?





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