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  1. Guys ... What about imprezas for fun.. don't see many on the road! http://usedcars.subaru.co.uk/used-car-search/8002682-subaru-wrx-sti-wrx-sti-type-uk/
  2. Dan, due to a change in circumstances (personal ones), I'm not in a position to wait any longer than 2 weeks for a car. To keep me in a car, I'm looking at 235i and golf r until I can get something else later in the year with some saving. It's a shame I'm having to do this as I wanted to take my time and save, but if I can get a 235i for around 24k then i won't lose much on it when it comes to sell. I hope.
  3. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    its not massively cheap at all? its the right price for market. maybe could get an extra 500/1k. Nismos have fallen through the floor
  4. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    They stole your stock cats!!! Hahaha idiots Sorry to hear that though!
  5. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    never replied to me via PH or here - reading the previous threads from this car put me off too with the problems he has had with the car.
  6. yep, a couple of suggested that - so have friends but the look just doesn't sit right with me unfortunately but a good suggestion none the less. at the moment my head is with a GTR (if I can stretch to one i'd be happy with). I made the mistake of seeing a cayman gt4 today which looks like the perfect car for me, apart from the price. i've noticed you can get low millage relatively new M4's for around 35k now, not sure how much more they're going to depreciate but I do like the look, masculine, aggressive stance, capable. BUT I am not sure if I can get past its practicality and the fact its a BMW. need to test drive one I guess! Edit: plus not sure if the m4 has enough road presence?
  7. Info ?!?! What you doing valy
  8. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    you got mail
  9. Thanks for this - the more i think about the Lotus the more it just makes me want a GTR - Id prefer a newer car also tbh and am not afraid of losing a little money for the privilege. I'm sure the VX is a very capable car but just no something id ever consider, they're too old, lack road presence, don't look particularly great etc. the 4c just looks to feminine for me tbh - i prefer something with a meaner looking road presence. I know i'm a pain in the arse with how picky i'm being but I just want something with road presence, aggressive, (not american), has some showmanship about it and theatre. I'd also like something relatively rare, and new! im struggling to get past a GTR, another 370z Nismo or the exige 350 (but the concern Lotus could fold at any point doesn't help there). I've always LOVED GTR's. the feeling I get when I see them, hear them etc just makes it everything I want from a car, but I find myself looking at them for 45-50k. funny you should say that - i'm thinking that more and more now lol I also did with my previous mk1, i love the z and find it difficult to find something that competes.
  10. Small update - agreed a figure with insurance. I'm not buzzing about it but I think its OK. probably just above market which is all I can ask for I guess. now to do some saving, mulling over the next couple months and then hopefully be in something new. thanks for all your help guys and will post pics once have the new car! ... whatever it may be (o, and no way will it be a bloody old ass continental GT )
  11. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Andy James + Kat Shezza Valy Keyser Paul k + Dawn Nso93 Humpy G1en Rickdon VeilsideZ Bob94 Buster and Netti Teejay+1 Flashback Modo +1 TT350 (try) Papa Olly350z Louis350z (not on here) alexclabbs Jay84
  12. This is something i would 100% factor into cost of ownership - they also sell GTR's which i'm keeping my eye on at the moment. I have just had the insurance call me with a terrible figure from glass's guide as they're struggling to value it.. so it seems it's going to be a while before we reach agreement.
  13. Hi Guys - update on the kind of successful day. Lotus Silverstone - the Exige s 350 is an awesome car, unquestionably. I was pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable it was to drive! I didn't get much chance to push the car as it was extremely greasy on the roads but from what I did experience, I was very very impressed and certainly ticks the boxes! ps. I can't believe that they only make 300 cars a year! total. Porsche Silverstone - terrible experience, the sales guys were too busy to speak to me as they were all sat at their computers in the sales office... (make of that what you wish), the receptionist tried her best to get one of them to serve me, but they didn't bother. I subsequently called Reading Porsche and they were much much friendlier - he has just sent me the details for this which seems interesting ! http://locator.porsche.com/ipl-customer/ipl/details/details.ipl?md5=ac841964ee58533ae8b3ffe4abb533cf&url=uk - I am going to test drive this and the Cayman S sometime in the next couple of weeks. The price of the car however is firmly in the new GTR territory. Nissan Oxford - unwilling to let me come down to test drive the GTR they had in stock is its an 17 plate and I was at the time, asking for a 2-3 year old one. As it currently stands, its down to the Exige 350, 911 (of some variant) or GTR. Exciting times ahead.
  14. Does anyone know what peice this is thats missing?

    removable piece of plastic that clips onto the grill to cover the tow hook hole