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  1. swap them both out? I still need to use the car but i'll obviously won't be driving "enthusiastically"
  2. Unfortunately you're thinking the same as me .. doh! Looks like I should replace both. Yep I'll look to sell the other
  3. Gents, I have spotted a bulge on the tyre wall on the front left tyre on my M240i. The tyres have covered less than 5k miles and i'd prefer not to have to swap them all, even the front two. They're MPSS's and I know you can't get them anymore Could I get away with swapping the damaged tyre onto a pilot sport 4, or do i HAVE to swap both on the front axle? James
  4. WINKJ

    Audi TTS

    tell us more!!!
  5. I have the m240i and love it ! super fun to drive
  6. It's an indoor fitted car cover. Genuine from nisssan. Mostly a dust cover for after cleaning. Single layer
  7. Hi All, Please find for sale my Genuine fitted indoor car cover. I used this on my HR 350z and then my 370z Nismo. I bought this for circa £300-£350 from Zman a few years ago and is in very good condition. £100
  8. Sorry for the late reply, not sure ... maybe Zman or one of the other guys can advise.
  9. WINKJ

    Car cover....

    Indoor or outdoor?
  10. Gents. Can anyone confirm if this is a straight swap onto a 370z. Also if any traders sell the gaskets. Please let me know too ..James
  11. Avoid them... to many Devvo's (from back in the day!)





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