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  1. Open to sensible offers on the wheels
  2. No worries, thought I could save you a trip . It will have to be Sunday as I’m busy on Saturday?
  3. I will actually be in Coventry some time tomorrow prob evening - do you want me to drop it to you?
  4. Hi everyone, With our Zed gone I have some bits here that might be of use to someone. 1) A full set of Winter Wheels £300 collected from Bedford (could arrange collection from Leicester area but will be a few weeks before I could collect). 18" Touring alloys, the alloys themselves are not in good condition, kerbed and quite corroded - they need a refurb - I have intended to get this done this year but the car's gone so... Fronts have got Michelin Alpin PA4s with approx. 5-6mm tread. The rears have got an essentially brand new pair of Michelin Alpin 5's on them. These were fitted spring this year and I drove from Leicester to Bedford before storing them so they have done about 50 miles only - you can see the little rubber spikes haven't even worn off and the fitting sealant stuff is still visible! You also get some nice Zed caps We were using our Zed as a daily and if you need to keep it going over winter these will make a massive difference in the cold and wet and are night and day in the snow. Wheel 1: Wheel 2: Wheel 3: Wheel 4: (Mods these don't all have the forum name on them but you can tell from the corrosion and kerbing patterns they are all the same wheels :)) 2) Stubby Aerial £5 collected, £7.5 delivered - slow post - sold to Luigi350z 3) Home made tonneaux with "Z" emblem £10 collected from Leicester - sold to Shunter8 4) Official Bluetooth module £30 collected £33 delivered - slow post - sold to satiriasis Thanks for any interest guys. Ed
  5. Specced dynaudio and DCC but not much else, it’s well equipped to start with
  6. Good stuff this all reassuring!
  7. Civic type R, if you can get over the looks, which we couldn't! wonderful to drive though
  8. Yeah its Midnight blue, great colour, difficult to tell in yesterdays overcast greyness! Certainly are, the wife has just ordered at Golf R to give her a bit of the performance back day to day which is exciting - but not the same sort of experience as the Zed.
  9. Well with much regret the wife and I have sold our Zed today . We are sad to see it go after having one for 8 years now, but it has not been seeing a lot of use as our third car and the cost of keeping it tip top the way we want it means its not sensible to carry on running if for so little use. Hopefully someone who will use and enjoy it will pick it up and it will make them as happy as it has made us. Wanted to say thanks to everyone here, the forum has been a great place and a source of valuable information. Particular thanks to Mitz and Andy at Cougar Store for looking after the Zed so well for so long. Goodbye old friend!
  10. I am sure that the issue raised is related to the P-zeros but I don't think entirely to do with mixing the tyres. Its because the P-zeros are rubbish and in no way similar to the MPSS. I have much less of an issue with mixing tyres front to back than others here seem to - I wouldn't mix on the same axel but so long as you have something similar I don't think front to back is a problem. I recently replaced our rear MPSS with MPS4 and have had no problems what so ever with stability with MPSS on the front - the car is rock solid. Same deal with the winter set going from Pilot Alpin 4 - 5 on the rear - no problems at all. The idea that you need to replace good quality tyres when they are only half worn on the front is silly - just stick with the same brand and grade and I think you will be fine (just my experience obviously don't have the same knowledge on these things as Dan ).





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