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  1. Sadly ours has gone in January, weve had two, a 2005 Gunmetal and a 2007 Midnight Blue, totted up 65k miles over 7 years on those two. It became our third car when I bought my M5 and it was costing too much to keep in fine fettle for only doing 2-3k/year. Something ridiculous like £1.90/mile in the last 12 months. Miss the character of the old girl though, might be back one day:
  2. Open to sensible offers on the wheels
  3. No worries, thought I could save you a trip . It will have to be Sunday as I’m busy on Saturday?
  4. I will actually be in Coventry some time tomorrow prob evening - do you want me to drop it to you?
  5. Hi everyone, With our Zed gone I have some bits here that might be of use to someone. 1) A full set of Winter Wheels £250 collected from Bedford (could arrange collection from Leicester area but will be a few weeks before I could collect). - sold to ZedBlue 2) Stubby Aerial £5 collected, £7.5 delivered - slow post - sold to Luigi350z 3) Home made tonneaux with "Z" emblem £10 collected from Leicester - sold to Shunter8 4) Official Bluetooth module £30 collected £33 delivered - slow post - sold to satiriasis Thanks for any interest guys. Ed
  6. Specced dynaudio and DCC but not much else, it’s well equipped to start with
  7. Good stuff this all reassuring!
  8. Civic type R, if you can get over the looks, which we couldn't! wonderful to drive though
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