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  1. Hi. I'd like to buy one of these if they are still available..
  2. Ok update to this in case anyone is interested. Both motors were really old and looked crudded up and knackered. Found a new front motor on eBay for £7.99 but a rear one was £30.00. so I just bought 2 front ones.. Sure enough they are the same motor but with different connectors. As the connectors on mine looked knackered. So I cut them off and soldered in some insulated Spade connectors on both. On each motor the orange wire is the positive. Then I wrapped them in self amalgamating tape. Refilled, tested, worked. Quite happy with a £16 repair really.
  3. Yeah I have ordered some aftermarket ones from eBay. Hopefully we're right :-)
  4. Hello. I've had my Fairlady off the road for a little while to do some jobs. Started it today, tried to clear the screen and nothing from the screenwash. It's got liquid in, and it worked the last time I tried it. The front at least did the rear never has. Pulled the fuse, that was fine. Got the wife to try it while I was outside the car. No noise from either motor. So while she worked the switches I put a circuit tester across the fuse gap. 12v when either is activated. My guess is the motors have both gone. I just wanted to check out night be something else I haven't thought of. Any ideas?
  5. Have you tried the 350z UK Facebook page? I have seen some people looking to buy Zeds on there in the last few days.
  6. Yeah same. Can't find anything other than 370z.
  7. I've been chatting with a guy locally about buying his old Scorpion backbox. From the looks of it though it has a different fitment to the stock backbox. There is no flange just a sleeve type fitment where it would connect to the car's pipework. Do I cut the flange off the pipe that abuts the backbox to fit it or is this simply not compatible with my car? 2003 JDM FairladyZ "T". Otherwise unmodified. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ah. Cool.. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Probably worth doing the hoses at the same time?
  10. Ok great thanks. I will add this this to the list of jobs I want to do. I assume there is enough technical know-how on the forum to assist me with the job.
  11. Do you recommend flushing old oil out first? You know with an engine flush. I'm concerned that with 66k on the clock out might cause leaks.
  12. Hi all. My Fairladyz has the Nissan brakes. Is it worth upgrading to brembos? Would the larger discs etc fit with my 17" wheels? Cheers Dan





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