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  1. https://ibb.co/vj2n1Pm as seen in the pic
  2. Update on car: Headlight issue resolved and fixed, looking to get it booked in with Jez in the next week or so to get all other things sorted.
  3. New Price for now £4500! Today Iv'e been offered a great first refusal offer on the next car that i'm looking to buy so passing the savings on down the line.
  4. 2004 Nissan 350z GT pack, Great Service History, impeccable MOT history, Next MOT due 15/02/2025, 125,000 Miles, I’ve owned and looked after the car since 2015 (75k miles), 3 previous owners. GT pack trim, including Brembo brakes. Cruise control. Air conditioning. Rare tan leather interior, electronic adjustable and heated seats, Steering wheel radio controls, Power fold mirrors. Full aftermarket audio system with Apple Car Play / Android Auto, Z anniversary edition 5 spoke wheels. Minor rust / age related marks on the body. New Front discs and pads, Rear tyres brand new, Next MOT due 15/02/2025, 125,000 Miles, £5,555 ono. Car is based in Long Eaton NG10, happy for viewers and test drives. Mods: Breath in – JWT Air Intake, Plenum Spacer. Breath out - Berks Sport Cats, Japspeed Ypipe, Cobra Cat Back exhaust. Cooling – Mishimoto full aluminium radiator and fan shroud, HEL braided clutch and brake lines. Handling – Superpro poly bushes. Performance - Re-mapped and tuned at Horsham Dev, Includes license for any future re-maps. Visual – Tinted windows, Hydro dipped black wheels in 2016 (faded and now due a refurb), Torqen Undertray, stubby arial, B-pillars and petrol cap wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl, black front Z badge, LED tail/brake lights, D2-Spec carbon fibre gear shifter. Audio – Optima Red Top Battery, Uprated High Output Alternator, Full aftermarket audio system running Two amps for front and rear speakers, third amp for subwoofer. Car has been sound deadened in most places. Original boot false floor & carpet, and spare wheel taken out and replaced with new custom made carpeted MDF floor. This is so that the 12inch sub can fit, also makes the boot space bigger to fit more shopping etc. Can be restored back to factory look very easily, I do still have the original floor and mat somewhere and would just need to dig it out. Original Nissan bose subwoofer behind driver’s seat and amp no longer present, but may still have if wanted, again I need to dig out. (Unfortunately, the car will be sold without the aftermarket subwoofer and amp as seen in the boot pic, as I will be taking this to my next car, but all connections are there in the boot for easy plug and play hookup of a new sub/amp). Maintenance / Service History: Every 10 - 12 months - Oil and filter changed Every 3 years - Belts, Coolant, Clutch/Brake Fluid, Gearbox Oil, Differential Oil, Power steering Fluid, spark plugs, 4 wheel alignment. Always ran with 99 Unleaded, and Cataclean / fuel system cleaner periodically. Car has been a work horse and used as daily driver since I bought it, 60/40 highway/non highway miles, only spirited road use, car has never been tracked or driven to the extreme. Clutch last changed in 2016 and still has lots of life left on it, bites perfect, low biting point still, no signs of needing changing anytime soon. Age-related maintenance: Car has had thousands spent over last couple years replacing number of age-related parts that have come up including - Radiator and hoses, various suspension arms, Y-pipe, Oil Sump, Rocker-Cover Gaskets, Coil packs w. spark plugs. To Sort: 1) Car has minor misfire P0300 but still perfectly driveable and becomes even less severe after fuel treatment is used (used to go away completely, but unfortunately not anymore). This is due to the Fuel Sender/Fuel Pump needing replacing, which is a common part to be replaced after 100k miles on older Zeds. (This car is still running on the original factory unit even after 125k miles, a testament to how much this car has been looked after / driven well). I will be cleaning the throttle body / MAF sensor and performing the relearning procedure on the ECU soon, as it could even just be this that fixes it. 2) Passenger side Xenon dipped beam Bulb not working, needs new ballast (£30 part from ebay and quick fix) all other lights working fine. 3) Window washer jets not working – they were weak for a long time, now stopped all together, again I imagine not a difficult fix. 4) Passenger side window motor extremely weak – needs new window motor fitting (£35 part from ebay) and about 1 hour labour. Good YouTube videos online, wouldn’t be too difficult to DIY. I have spoken with Jez at Horsham on email about all the above, he can change the fuel units and fix all other things listed, as well as give it a fresh re-map, looking at £1k-£1.2k total, parts and labour. If just wanting the essential work doing (fuel units to fix the misfire) and forego the re-map then you’re looking at around £500 parts and labour. Not desperate to sell, gauging interest, still questioning myself for listing it every time I get in it tbh, but do have my eye on something new. If there’s little interest then I’ll just be getting Jez to sort all the above out, enjoy the car this summer, then maybe re-list later in the year / after MOT next year. Pictures taken 15/03/2024:
  5. So after last few months of the passenger window motor acting like its going to die soon, (struggling to lift or drop the window), it finally has died. Not exactly sure what parts i need but basically i need my passenger window working again. Thanks.
  6. Any retailer of them would be able to tell you, iv'e had them on since 2017 no issues. Juts looked them up and OMG they are almost £700 now! I paid £430 in 2017.
  7. Using yellowstuff at the moment, in the past I've used Ferodo and some carbon ceramic ones too (hawk i think) Yellowstuff pads have been the best by far, better braking performance even when cold, no noise, and much less dust compared to the other two (especially the Ferodo).
  8. DarmoZ

    Pre UpRev mods

    I think ill get these done along with my Valve cover gasket job. Tarmac Sportz Nissan 350z Lightweight Pulley and Belt Kit OP: I recommend high flow cats, don't worry about MOT cos you can just run a can of cataclean in your fuel system (£12 from halford) before the MOT and you will get a perfect emissions reading regardless what CAT's are on. Or just have a mate mechanic do your MOT.
  9. So my 04 Zed is getting its Rockers changed after 120k miles, due to oil build up in spark plug well. Was just wondering if there is anything else worth doing whilst its getting that job done, since alot of things will be coming off apart of the job. I already have done Plenum spacers. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  10. Great service again from Tarmac Sports Phil and Bob, friendly guys! Got my zed running good again same day with new coil packs and plugs!
  11. Many thanks to Chris, Robert, George and team. Fantastic service all around! When the unexpected happened they got parts in fast and booked me straight in, Got my car up and running again next day and just before xmas. Brilliant! (new front discs and pads, mishi radiator and fan shroud kit, new hoses and wheel nuts)
  12. So the car is in with tarmac, they already ordered in the fan shroud kit so they installing it together with new mishi rad which they did me a deal on. New hoses too. Been researching the mishi fan kit, it seems they give you overheat problems with stock radiator and usually only if you live somewhere like AZ where summer reaches 45. With the Mishi radiator providing better cooling, the fan shroud kit should be sufficient (especially for UK). But anyhow i'll see how i get on, I'll report back my experience over the next months and summer. I'll have the car back tmr (along with new front discs and pads which was what the car was originally scheduled to go to them for, radiator just happened to break day before LOL)
  13. Thanks, i think the fans are still fine, some coolant got into the plug part when it was spraying, but they are waterproof anyway? I'll just use the same fans if they are working fine which i think they are, otherwise ill reach out for a replacement.
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