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  1. Hi what is the current discount code for forum members?
  2. awesome looking car, good luck with the sale. You could also consider a Mustang GT 5.0 V8
  3. 12/12/19 EDIT: No longer for sale, just spent £1600 on major service and replacement of some old worn parts. plan to keep the car another couple of years. sorry.
  4. Yeh it seems as though the backing surround that holds the glass (and connects it to the wing mirror) was lost in the collision just like mine was. Z man Alex can send a brand new glass with the black plastic surround which will clips into the wing mirror.
  5. I'm very Happy with my Optima Red Top battery i bought from Tanya https://www.tayna.co.uk/brands/optima/ 815CCA and smaller than the OEM battery leaving plenty room in the bay. Have left car in airport parking lots for over 2 weeks in the coldest months of january/feb each year iv'e had the battery and car starts up straight away every time. Longest i left the car without starting was a month and even then it started fine.
  6. Hi All, It's time for me to get a major service on the Zed, including flush & replace coolant, brake/clutch fluid, gearbox and LSD oil, spark plugs, and timing chain too. i would normally go to horsham when i was in the south, but no longer there, was hoping someone could recommend a good garage in West Yorkshire that know their way around a zed. Thanks
  7. modified description. Leaving a functioning sound system in the car. price increased to reflect this.
  8. 12/12/19 EDIT: No longer for sale, just spent £1600 on major service and replacement of some old worn parts. plan to keep the car another couple of years. sorry. After a few great years of 350z ownership (since 2015) it's with a heavy heart that I've decided to sell up the car. My first every performance vehicle, this car has taught me so much about mechanics and driving and i'm really gonna miss it. '04 350z GT 108k miles w/ good history and paperwork. 2 keys and original Nissan leather wallet and handbook etc. The car comes as standard fitted with the GT
  9. Hi Alex...here are the extra pics
  10. Hi All, Came back to my car one evening to see my the glass pane lying on the floor and my wing mirror looking like this. Wondering if i can find a simple glass pane replacement or if i would have to replace the whole unit? It seems as though something from the glass pane clips in to the middle section of the housing from the pic, but there was nothing found around the car like that?? The unit still moves electronically using the toggle on the arm rest. any help is appreciated!
  11. Hi Ekona, I'm considering getting a 2008 Cayman S, (this one). I understand that they fixed the IMS bearing issue with these as they used a bigger IMS. are there any other things to consider with this model year.... boring pre purchase inspection still recommended ? thanks
  12. Whoa didn't realised this thread is from 2015 until i read all the way through. Sorry you had a bad experience Adrian but glad you're happy now. Did you ever buy another Porsche / consider buying in the future out of curiosity ? p.s. came across this thread as i am currently considering buying a 2008 Porsche Cayman
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