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  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick one, I'm after a spare wheel /space saver for a 350z but must be able to clear the brembo calipers. I'm down south in Farnbrough if there is anyone localish I can collect. Postage is ok but I'll need it by Saturday Thanks
  2. Maddog

    350z Paddle Shifters

    Yes it's not the sort of mod you remove unless your selling your car minus all the extras, I know it's a long shot, but just incase someone has one in a box they forgot about..
  3. I'm looking for a set of paddle shifters if there are any someone is looking to sell. Thanks
  4. It will need reworking, sanding , primer, paint and fitting, I was told then I bought it that it's never been fitted on a car
  5. The ARB will be a pain but I'll box up the wheel and let you know, probably courier as parcel force are too expensive.
  6. I was going to get some glass cut and make this into a table for my man cave but just don't have the time This is a genuine Toyota F1 Wheel BBS Rare as you all know Toyota stopped racing some time ago Collection only please, Farnborough, GU14 SOLD
  7. Have a few part from a 350Z 2004 DE Unfortunately collection as some parts are bulky and heavy Location Farnborough, GU14 area. Open to offers Upper and lower Plenum £40 350Z Steering Wheel & Airbag (Debadged) £40 Fiberglass Front Bumper, Unknown Brand and will require complete reworking Was going to be a project but never got round to doing it. £30 Open Diff (NOT LSD) I've added this here as i believe this is the same as the 350Z This diff is from an Import, Auto, 350GT 55K miles I Replaced this with an LSD 350Z diff and it was a straight swap Might be of interest to someone, Possibly change the internals. £40 350Z Front ARB £20
  8. Thanks Alex, That's the way I guessed when installing it back in the car, No write-ups or videos say anything about reinstalling this washer.
  9. Some advice required please, 2004 350Z I have just replaced the oem bushes with whiteline bushes What i'm after is the installtion sequence of the distorted washer and rubber washer, between the diff and subframe which fell out when removing the diff. which way does the distorted washer face ? Also noticed in previous posts the whiteline bushes need to be swaped around, thicker one on top. Thanks in advance
  10. After running my Invidia Gemini with Berk HFC i have bad Drone between 2000-3000rpm, So i'm looking for some Motordene ART Pipes To replace the Berk HFC. If anyone has a good condition used pair they are looking to sell. Otherwise i'll just have to save up for a new pair. Thanks
  11. Going for the uprev next week at H-Dev, Although wouldn't have thought the uprev would delete the sensor, just corrects the CEL light on post cat sensors think i might bight the bullet and get some new ones before the uprev
  12. Need some advice in the matter, I'm about to put some HFC's on the 350 DE , And i thought it would be better to install another pair of O2 sensors rather than try and remove the ones in the OEM cats just incase i can't get them out without damaging them. Are they prone to get damaged easily, so buying second hand is a no no. Or are new sensors the only way forward, As i'm sure new sensors will cost a small fortune. Thanks





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