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  1. Hi, I no longer have my car and just selling off the last bits I have some JPerformance High Flow sports cats linked blow £40 (free postage) open to offers http://www.jperformance.co.uk/nissan-350z-g35-exhaust-down-pipes-decat-de-cat-pipe-p-181.html?osCsid=12b9f090a3cad2c097f1883d6707b24a
  2. Changed price but this needs to go so I’m open to offers //Speck
  3. Hi PabloVC, from what hat I can tell from reading this post this can be done but it’s kinda a pain in the backside!
  4. I have a complete center dash including cubby from a DE (i believe this is from a later DE due to being more of a silver than black like my 2003.) Had plans to spray this and change over the one in my car but i have changed my mind and its been sitting around for a while now, maybe this would benefit someone else. as seen from the picture its in pretty good condition minus the bracket that holds the cubby box in place Small Damage looking for £90 inc postage for the whole thing open to
  5. Haha! Funny story to that I kinda polished the blue tint off the tips "oops" pro tip don't autosol the burnt tips so there sitting on my shelf kinda prefer it with out them on to be honest yeah the laying on the ground bit hurts after about 5mins but I have access to a lift so I'll do it at some point!
  6. Mines been on for about a year now and I wouldn't say it's mirror it's more just stainless but hey I bet if I spent a few good hours it might get close!
  7. Not local but drive there every now and then more local to beccles/loddon area
  8. ive only ever seen one sunset around my area since ive had mine might of even been you
  9. If it was a sunset DE it could of been me
  10. got the same thing with mine its annoying to say the least and i alway spot it sometimes mines fine and sometimes its like yours! gonna keep an eye on this one to see if someone can help
  11. Hi Guys, selling my D1 SPEC GT-Drive Throttle Controller i bought a while ago and never got round to fitting it, this is totally unused and not even taken from the box £70 (inc postage)
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