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  1. One of the baffles on my japspeed K1 has fallen out, has anybody got one for sale or have a link to where I can’t get one? thanks
  2. I’d be interested in this
  3. Hi I've fitted speakers in the boot of my zed and thinking about putting the amp in the glove box? has anyone else done this? how did you hide the wires best and is there a decent earth in the glove box? thanks
  4. Has anyone fitted these speakers? i'm looking to build a box for a pair of them and looking for ideas as where to fit amps and different styles. any tips will be much appreciated, is it better to have the speakers facing forwards or backwards? cheers
  5. Did you need your arches rolled? I have 265/40, cheers
  6. New to the forum here's my Z JR11 wheels Japspeed K1 exhaust just ordered Tein spring
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