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  1. wizard

    Standalone ECU

  2. wizard

    Super Charger Cold Air Intake

    I wanted to do this but have changed my mind. Why do you want to do it? It'll probably loose you power.
  3. wizard

    Wheel offsets for dummies

    What is the largest width wheel (front and back) one can run on the 350z without issues? Rear arches rolled
  4. wizard

    Standalone ECU

    Those are older then you Alex
  5. wizard

    Standalone ECU

    What have you got and how much?
  6. wizard

    Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    Woah - can't believe I missed this. Awesome. Now stick a big single on it!
  7. wizard

    18 year old tyres?

    Yeah tyres do crack after 5 years I have found. Also depends where they are stored, in the open or a garage.
  8. wizard

    BMW 335i?

    Driven them and a few friends have them. Faster then a 350z out of the box, more tuneable, more traction but doesn't have as good feeling, noise, jdm coolness lol An FI zed would be my choice over a 335i if the extra two seats are not needed.
  9. Do you have any of the fueling parts available, let me know.
  10. wizard

    DE losing oil slowly...

    I've had 4 DE engines - they all drink oil. Anyone who claims different is full of ..... Use thicker oil
  11. wizard

    MartinW's simple HR build

    Martin - welcome back. Twin turbo this one too!
  12. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    This is great. Do you think the exhaust will be more restrictive? What's the setup and the silencer brand?
  13. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

  14. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Very exciting, keep us posted
  15. wizard


    Sorry guys unable to make this now. if this goes on into the evening, may be able to pop in.