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  1. wizard

    Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    Woah - can't believe I missed this. Awesome. Now stick a big single on it!
  2. wizard

    18 year old tyres?

    Yeah tyres do crack after 5 years I have found. Also depends where they are stored, in the open or a garage.
  3. wizard

    BMW 335i?

    Driven them and a few friends have them. Faster then a 350z out of the box, more tuneable, more traction but doesn't have as good feeling, noise, jdm coolness lol An FI zed would be my choice over a 335i if the extra two seats are not needed.
  4. Do you have any of the fueling parts available, let me know.
  5. wizard

    DE losing oil slowly...

    I've had 4 DE engines - they all drink oil. Anyone who claims different is full of ..... Use thicker oil
  6. wizard

    MartinW's simple HR build

    Martin - welcome back. Twin turbo this one too!
  7. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    This is great. Do you think the exhaust will be more restrictive? What's the setup and the silencer brand?
  8. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

  9. wizard

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Very exciting, keep us posted
  10. wizard


    Sorry guys unable to make this now. if this goes on into the evening, may be able to pop in.
  11. wizard

    Santa pod 2018

    I will be there this Sunday for Japshow!
  12. wizard


    I've done a lot of research and personally have bought several CCTV cameras in the past and tested them. If you want a proper a CCTV setup then go for Dahua or Hikvision. Dahua tends to have microphones built in which is very useful. Hikvision tends not to come with microphones but some have the ability to add them on as external. The other thing to watch out for is night vision. Often very sharp cameras do well in the day but not as good at night. There is specific cameras which are a good compromise of both - you'll find these are lower MP cameras, 2 or 3. Some of the cameras already mentioned I've tried and think they are 'ok', but it depends what you're looking for, how many cameras, budget etc... For 400 I would say get two cameras and either a DVR or synology box. If you need extra security like motion alerts on your phone there are some 'consumer' cameras which can do this out of the box, but i've tested the motion alerts on Spotcam and even on its lowest sensitivity will give a lot of false alerts. This is because the cameras base their motion on image changes which isn't always motion, it could be a light that comes on or something else. Personally I would increase budget and go for a better setup - it's definitely worth the investment in the long run. This youtube channel is very informative: https://www.youtube.com/user/useIP/videos Send me a message if I can help anymore, I do have a few cameras lying around also depending on what you want.
  13. wizard

    AIT temps

    Your drops are fantastic - I'm seeing similar numbers to what you were prior to your TS upgrade. What I realised was the faster and higher sustained RPM = higher AIT's. This is with the stock Vortech IC. See attached graph was taken on a 25c+ day recently.
  14. wizard

    AIT temps

    Yes that's fine even if it's for the 370z. What were the temps before and after on Stillen charge cooler before you went to treadstone? Sorry made an assumption that it was Vortech.
  15. wizard

    AIT temps

    How much difference did you see in IAT temps between your stock vortech cooler and your treadstone one? I presume you bought the TR1245 / TR1235?