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  1. Ten of the best?

    It's pretty far from me. What's the best day to go on - sat or sun?
  2. Tv Advice from fellow Tech geeks please

    Hey you - long time. Just dont buy a bloody sony whatever you do. The UI is complete garbage and so so sooo laggy. I got 65" - if i could do again, would opt for a Samsung defo. Good luck.
  3. WANTED: VQ35DE Low Mileage

    Just the engine I need.
  4. Wanted CD009 Gearbox

  5. Really? - Are you sure lol P1 is just shy of a thousand horses. When are you getting a 675LT?
  6. Alex, would you tune this car further if you had it? - Maybe put bigger turbo's on? lol
  7. Meh - don't worry about it, there's more to life and cars.
  8. It does not matter - just look at that thing go!
  9. Forged Engine Reliability

    And also if a forged motor has blown
  10. My Little weekend project.....

    Up to 120C but have to back off due to coolant temps. I have seen 133C when NA though so guess this would keep going if coolant was ok. My theory is coolant seams closely linked to oil temp, I'll see if reducing oil temps causes coolant to follow it down? I know it's a different platform and setup, but i had the same issue last month at the Nurburgring in my E46 M3. Oil temps were below 120 (the manual says 80 - 120 is normal), but coolant was hitting red. I was going to do a bleed of the coolant to a different type.
  11. My Little weekend project.....

    Cant see the pics Tim, please edit post.
  12. My Little weekend project.....

    What is your oil temps on track currently Tim?
  13. WANTED: VQ35DE Low Mileage

  14. Nurburgring 19th - 21st May 2017

    I was there a few weeks ago in my M3. You did a sub 8 min? You don't mean a sub 9 do you? Really quick nonetheless, i think i was low 9 mark. Wasn't really pushing too hard because of temps and also needed to get home in one piece. Do you have any mods on your 135i?