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  1. Yeah I've got an oil cooler which has its lines running on the oil filter sandwich plate. Also the APS sump you mention for the return line, it's already plumbed in which should be easier. What kind of modifications did you do to get the oil pressure sender, the hoses may get in the way. Otherwise people are saying get a triple sandwich plate for the feed line? It's better to take it from the oil pressure sender?
  2. A pic would be great and or the t-piece you used.
  3. I've got the same sump but i'm not sure if you can take the feed line from there for a V2.
  4. Yeah thats right going bigger. I been overspinning mine above & beyond, 1.1 bar. 530bhp+. SCI (si impeller)
  5. How do you find these for launch? Much better then semi's for 1/4 mile. I've never gone lower the high 12s in my zed.
  6. Currently running a V3 and looking to move to a V2. Can you post up pics of how you run your oil feed and return lines from the engine? Don't mind drilling the sump but have read that you have to drill into the block too. If you can provide pics of how you have done it and any thoughts, that would be great.
  7. By the way guys I can recommend a carbon toothed belt available from gates - you should definitely buy if you can get hold of it. I had a normal rubber toothed belt which snapped, this one just won't lol
  8. Ah nice - I love the guys at Z1 - very open, helpful and proper customer service.
  9. Thanks for this guys - looking to replace my Lion 065
  10. Thread revival Has anyone used this: https://www.mishimoto.co.uk/nissan-350z-2003-catch-can-kit.html Seems like a lot of dough for a catch can plus not a fan of mishimoto, but it looks ok.
  11. Mate - you need to post up one complete build thread instead drip feeding odd posts here and there. This is one of the top spec zeds in the UK for sure.
  12. wizard


    Send me pics & price - interested



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