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  1. 2.87 Vortech Pulley (2A036-287)

    Anyone have one they want to sell?
  2. 350z Bucket Seats with rails

    Anyone have a pair for sale? What do you have?
  3. 30 second headlight restoration!

    Thanks very much for the OP for this. Will give ECP solution a go!
  4. Foggy headlight resolution

    IT's cloudy
  5. Foggy headlight resolution

    IF anyone has a complete 350z headlight unit, or the lense or plastic cover (new), let me know. Or alternatively if there's a permenant solution for lenses
  6. 350z headlights

    Nice and clear headlights wanted, not fogged
  7. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Too late to get on this?
  8. custom radiator spec help

    Mishimoto have conned the world with good branding over good quality
  9. custom radiator spec help

    Just checked and I replaced my stat to a mishimoto one too - argh. Which gates one did you opt for?
  10. custom radiator spec help

    Does yours not overheat now during drifting? Mishimoto is up to the job?
  11. custom radiator spec help

    I have a mishimoto rad as well and think that it is crap as well for FI. OEM was better. Think I may swap out as I will be rebuilding the car later this month. Where is the best place to buy this setup and are you guys both running A/C?
  12. Official List of UK FI zeds

    I posted this thread back in 2013, it's still running and yet it's still not sticky, can an admin do that?
  13. My Yank's come home

    so cool
  14. Woah - what's this? What you get Alex?
  15. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Agree with what most people have said OEM > Mishimoto At the first opportunity I will replace the Mishimoto oil cooler and rad i think.