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  1. Hi folks, Currently sitting in a lay-by with a poorly 350z waiting recovery....... engine management light came on and an odd clicking/puffing noise coming from the car during idle. Roadside diagnostic pulled up error code ‘P0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected’ initial thought was potentially the coil pack is goosed? Not sure if anyone has experienced the same issues and have any advice?? Cheers
  2. Awesome thanks for the tip! I shall definitely give it a bash!
  3. Great! I did think after I posted it was a bit of a daft question! I've also just realised that its studs from the cats rather than bolts........ How did everyone get on getting the nuts off? My car is now 15yrs old and looks as if the Y piece has been soaking in salt water for the duration........ May have to be a cut and drill job and then replace with a set of nuts and bolts but i was curious on how others got on? Cheers.
  4. Hi Folks, Many thanks for all of your replies much appreciated, I thought it would need replaced. I shall need to wait until my bank funds are a little more healthy before sorting it out just trying to get it through it's MOT as the moment.......Failed on the emissions lambda reading..... The brakes have been bled with new fluid so should be ok for the time being. ZMANALEX i will give you a shout when i'm in a better financial position! I would have to agree with Ekona, I trust the garage wouldn't do anything malicious and bearing in mind it's a 15yr old car now so S**t will happen. Cheers.
  5. I know this is a really old posting but i am in the exact same predicament and looking at the Ebay specials to get a blowing exhaust through it's MOT. Can you advise if you ever had any issues getting your car through it's MOT with these y-pieces with the dreaded emissions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi folks, Just had my brake lines changed and system bled by the local garage however they have informed me that on bleeding the system they have snapped the nipple on one of my rear calipers, quite a common issue i believe? They have informed me that the brakes are working as normal and new fluid is in however issues will arise should the system need bled again. I was looking for some advice on what my options are, can these be refurbished and does anyone have any recommendations? Cheers.
  7. Just in case anyone else experiences the same issue I initially pulled out the headlight washer relay which is located below the trim next to the fuse box which thankfully stopped the pump. I bought a new relay, fitted it and it appears to have sorted the issue! £5 fix i'll take that any day! Cheers.
  8. Hi folks, wondering if you can help..... my headlight washers are activating on their own accord (both when the engine is on or off) and I believe there must be some issue with the electrics as they go off then come back on ~30 secs to a minute later..... the button next to the esp off doesn’t seem to do anything!? has as anyone experienced this before or have suggestions to resolve this! Many thanks in advance for any help! cheers Calum
  9. Hi Folks from a frosty Aberdeen! I am now the very proud owner of my 54 plate 350z! I have been wanting one for years and it certainly doesn't disappoint! Huge difference from my 1.4l pug........ Wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of a set of forged rays alloys, the only thing that my 350z is lacking! I have been looking at the likes of ebay etc. however all the entries appear to be collection only and being in the north of Scotland its a wee bit of a treck! Cheers!





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