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  1. How to get signal on your mobile in the Highlands, climb a hill, lol
  2. Got a wee bit lost on that last leg guys, sorry, just home now but did see some lovely places on our detour
  3. Someone will get a very good car, whatever price they pay for it a beautiful example Gstraw. GLWS.
  4. A few changes under the bonnet over the last couple of days.
  5. So does anyone know if its just certain years of the 370 that suffer this , or is it any that have the steering lock on them I have a 2014 which definitely has a steering lock on it, is it likely to fail??
  6. https://www.stickersinternational.co.uk/
  7. Have a look here it shows what came with mine and what is in it now since I put a few other thing in there,
  8. Good start to the tour for me up the A701 Beeftub road to Edinburgh, And well done mate for organizing all this!!!
  9. That's handy meeting at Hermiston Gate 'only an hour and a wee bit for us to get there.
  10. Got all booked, hope the weather is good for us



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