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  1. Cheers Tauvp, Yeah I knew I would need these just wasnt sure how big to go for a decent fitment. 20mm, 25mm, 15mm....
  2. jufun

    370z rays

    These still for sale? Whats your location please?
  3. Hi! I've been thinking of new wheels for the 350 and have seen some people running BMW wheels on the Z. I'm just tryibg to get my head around which size hub centric spacers I will need to run these wheels. Anybody with a little more knowledge able to help please?
  4. Hi and welcome. Please sell me your exhaust!
  5. I called a few nissan dealers and they had it for about £85 but gave me the part number and ebay had one for £40 or best offer posted! I got it for £35, brand new! Albiet a little cracked on the back where its been folded in half for god knows how long. I got lucky as thought it was gonna be a dodgy one but it's the real deal.
  6. Thanks everyone. 1st treat for her arrived today. The nice thick boot mat with 350z logo
  7. I'll consider that.... . . . . Nope Been looking for the right one since April!
  8. So you're saying to cancel the ebay rocket bunny kit and not cut the arches up?! Lol, thinking wheels, exhaust and coilovers are pretty safe mods. If I decide to body kit it which would be a true first for me I'd likely keep all the existing bumpers and try to get it kbd front bumper and skirts and the nismo rear end. Can't see it happening though.
  9. Thanks guys. Just got to sort out the front brake pipes and then can start treating her to some new toys. Thinking the headunit is due a much needed update too!
  10. Hi all, Seems like a friendly club. Im based in Norfokk. I just purchased my 3rd 350z! Missed the Z life too much and needed to come back. Managed to find a single owner 08 Solar/Temper Orange. Had to travel 11 hours round trip for her but all worth it. This will be the first 350 that I want to spend some time and money modifying. Looking at the Ark Grip exhaust, some 19s, a remap and maybe the BC coilovers. They seem the best for the money from googling but open to advice
  11. Hi Zmanalex, Do they fit straight on the 350z with the brembo brakes or are spacers required? Whats the cost of postage please? Many thanks, Jon
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. She's very clean looking and nice spec gt pack, leather, sat Nov blah blah... Im hoping to get her for £10k I think this seems reasonable, done an rac passport check and no accidents recorded or outstanding finance etc.. Is it a fair price?
  13. Don't want to bore you all with my story but I used to own a pearl white 08 350z then went to a pearl black 370z.... Due to buying a house etc... I had to sell the 370 :,( However, craving the Z!!! So..... I have found an 07 Temper Orange 350z with 42k that I'm considering buying Saturday. I know the colour is a marmite but I love it! I have a few concerns that I wanted to share and see your opinions please. Car wasn't serviced until 24,000miles.... it's had multiple since. Seems odd there are none prior. Services that have been carried out are non main dealer. MOT said
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