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  1. Wish that applied in Scotland! I don't believe we get that option.
  2. Got caught by a van at the side of a dual carriageway, it came through within a few days. Annoyingly it was a road I drove all the time, and I always set the cruise control at 70 or so, but some pillock kept speeding up and slowing down so I thought I'd just nip past him... right in front of the van! In my defence, it was a lovely sunny day, however the van was obscured by a couple of trucks so I didn't see it until it was too late. Got done for 84 in a 70.
  3. My Z had Alloygaters fitted when I bought it. I removed them as I didn't like the look of them, and they needed refurbed anyway. What I did notice was that a lot of crud had built up under them, and they'd corroded the lip of the wheel to an extent.
  4. I think I'll do that. I did speak to a reputable exhaust shop about manufacturing a custom cat 200cel section, so I'll see what's more cost effective!
  5. Hi, does anyone know where I can source OEM Cats for a 2004 DE? Previous cats were knackered because I was running rich for a while and had to be cut out. The initial problem has been sorted. Cheers
  6. Length of ownership: 3 and a half years Price paid: £5500 Spent during ownership: Approx. £2000 Vehicle Mileage: 130k Rating /10: 7 Worst/Favourite Features: Excellent bang for buck. It's great fun to drive and makes a great noise. Dislike, as others have said, the fuel consumption and rust in the rear arches. I've also spent a considerable amount on maintenance, including new belts, spark plugs, banana arms, a new clutch, rocker cover gaskets (oil leak), fluids, a burst coolant pipe repair, wheel refurb, and now she's currently in the garage whilst I chase a mystery misfire. There are moments where I think about moving on and getting something a bit more sensible, but then I fire up that glorious V6 and it all goes away!
  7. Good luck, and don't forget to share pics!
  8. Wax is a form of sealant - you don't need to apply any after waxing, infact it probably won't take very well. You can apply wax to the car after a chemical sealant, but not the other way around. Other than that, it sounds good to me! It might be wise to use a clay bar or contaminant remover such as Iron X to get rid of any stubborn contaminants or tar spots before you polish too, but that depends on how dirty the car is!
  9. Cool! I'll be there once my knee heals properly, lol. Tore my ACL a few months ago and have only started driving again recently, definitely not ready for track days!
  10. Ah no way... that makes a lot of sense. I should have hunted him down and said thanks for the parts! I was there with my mate in his DC5, I can't really drive properly because I've busted my knee, but it was fun being hooned around the track, despite the conditions!
  11. Spotted at Knockhill! Anyone know who this belongs to?
  12. Hey guys, Got the valve cover gaskets done and everything seems to be ok. Gave the engine a bit of a steam clean whilst I was at it and it looks good so far. Thanks for the tips
  13. @pedro85 Cheers! Thanks for the heads up 😊
  14. It's definitely oil. Gonna see about getting the gaskets and replacing them this week. I am comfortable doing brakes and the like but haven't attempted anything like this before... Is it more time-consuming than difficult?
  15. Yeah, it didn't move when it was at the bodyshop, thankfully! Mileage is just over 120k
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