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  1. You’re lucky mate, I still have to tap the horn every now and again to get my path cleared.....maybe I need a louder set of pipes?
  2. I was behind you in the black 350, you were doing a couple of very short pulls out of the junctions (below speed limits!) and said you were breaking in your new pads! Couple of Zs in the middle of the West End gets a lot of attention apparently!
  3. N8HN

    Dash cam

    I know the thread's old but I have a Blackvue (one of the latest ones, cigar shaped thing) running in the front and back. It plugs into a Celllink battery under the driver's seat, which in turn is hardwired into one of the ACC spots on the fuse box. I turn the speed off on the camera telematics so you can't tell, haha. It's a bit of a bugger to fit (a rear mount will need you to pull out bits of the headliner etc as needed) but not impossible, I never wrench on the car myself and I could do it. Very useful bit of kit, stays on for a day or two after the car is switched off and records any activity around the car. Came in especially useful when I discovered my neighbour was dumping rubbish around my spot in my communal garage - identified him and had a stern word!
  4. !Actually like the big mouth...it'd certainly make you indicate left if you were tootling in the fast lane and caught sight of that gob in your rear view!
  5. Sorry - figured this one out on my own. If you don't want to do Buster's mod, apparently InCarTec do an adjustable line booster that you can plumb into the loom. 23-008 is the number of the item. PAC ROEM NIS2s seem to be very rare these days....
  6. Allo Currently the proud owner of an SPH-DA130DAB - Pioneer. Happy days. Only problem is how to fit the bloody thing, and my DIY high after I hardwired my own dash cam may prove to be my failing here! I've been reading much about what the proper interface is for the unit, and I've got the relevant ICT one + steering wheel control addition winging its way to me now. I've also been seeing much about an RCA mod that's done to improve the power of the signal coming out the stereo. Pardon the ignorance, but is this actually a mod that's necessary if you have the proper interface still? Fitting stereos has changed a whole load since the old days..... Cheers in advance Nate
  7. Has anyone tried the Z1 intakes? They're making some hail-mary claims on what they can do with a VQ37...
  8. Dunno. Heard they can be quite an irritation and kids just **** about with them by standing too close?
  9. Cheers mate, currently staring at a Cellink B and a BlackVue DR750 right this moment actually. Waiting to get it fitted tomorrow. I hear the plaintiff actually spoke against jailing the guy because of his kid. Can't say that I'd be as sympathetic to be fair...
  10. And there’s the problem - I have no realistic means of prevention, short of moving house or chaining a Rottie to the rim spokes. The car is unfortunately parked out of line of sight to my property and on street, so all I can do is aim to catch whoever’s done it (or hopefully deter all but the most determined if they see the cam staring at them). Believe me if I had a better option I’d take it! Not thrilled about the extra expense! In any case - on the original question, is your Blackvue plumbed into your Z’s battery?
  11. Well that’s the vid that I’m using as my reference, hence the points I raised. That video was enough to have the chap here sitting in the docks. You can see him reach for the car, and also clearly hear the key. Perhaps need to think about it some more though.
  12. Well my hope is that anyone that approaches the car for a keying session will be seen walking towards it on the pavement because they have quite a wide field of vision. And the mics in the camera would pick up the sound of the key being dragged across the metal. Not the most ideal solution admittedly but probably the only one given my unfortunate predicament
  13. Haha - I never knew she was married Unfortunately the only option mate, as I can’t get any CCTV coverage from where I currently live versus where the car is...would have loved to be able to do that though
  14. Hoping I haven't reopened something that's already been discussed... So last week Friday, someone took issue with my Z and decided to leave a lovely collection of four new pinstripes on the door and the rear quarter panel. With a key. Cue me taking it down to my good friend and top mechanic to sand it down to the bare metal and respray in Ebisu Black across the whole right hand side....plus I'm having to bring forward the date for a compound and polish on the other side to bring it to match. I'm now out of pocket by almost a grand. To say I'm not happy would be a monumental understatement. My concern is that this incident happened at home, and I unfortunately have to park on a street outside of view of my house. I am paranoid that this is going to happen again, and if it does then I at least need to know who's done it so I can do the necessary - which, as much as I'd like to, won't be taking a spanner to the lout's kneecaps. Somewhat inspired by the chap who caught the guy who keyed his Aston in Hackney - the guy that ended up in the news - that only leaves me with the parking mode dash cam option. I will need a power manager to connect to the car's battery as the battery packs won't have the necessary life needed if I don't touch the car for a couple days, and I'm staring at a Power Magic Pro from BlackVue to go with one of their top of the range models. Has anyone had any experience with such a setup, and how long will the cam record for if left to its own devices with, say, a 12V cutoff? Much appreciate any responses guys, thanks! N
  15. Was actually getting this myself too recently when it was snowing - super cold weather + no driving. Doesn't seem to cause any issues though





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