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  1. Spacers fitted yesterday evening. And a good wash today. Next on the isolation to do list: Lay a concrete slab in the garden (not Zed related) Polish exhaust Re-paint door handles
  2. When I passsd my cbt and got an RS125 I dreamed of a mille. A Tuono is more my riding position now though! What's living with one like? I only really use bikes for commuting a couple times a week in summer & long touring holidays. Am 6"4 so alot of bikes are quite uncomfortable, currently on an fzs1000s which is a lovely bike but is lacking personality.
  3. Looks fantastic! This is on my list to do in the coming week too. Tail pipes and silencer, hopefully there not too far gone
  4. Everything is already in pieces on the kitchen table, thankfully everything came apart easily and nothing has broken. The springs have been removed from inside so it's just this last pivot for a complete strip down. I might end up doing the same thing as Dave, leaving the two sections together and sanding the best I can.
  5. I got told to take my PC home with me yesterday, i'd commuted on the bike so had done around 50 miles in the end after swapping for the car! I've never seen roads this clear! Beautiful warm sunny day with no-one on the roads. Under other sircumstances it would have been heaven. Oh well now to sit inside and enjoy a trip to Tesco in a few more days! Apparently the panic buying has stopped
  6. Hi all I decided to repaint my wipers during this lockdown. Still working from home but have alot more time on my hands. The one thing I've got stuck on is splitting the wiper blades on the pivot. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks Sam
  7. Was planning too take a 2 week drive to Tuscany and back in May, might have to take another trip up to Scotland instead now. Scenery will be better anyway!
  8. Farmers breakfast it is! 1) davey_83 - Farmers Breakfast 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier - 2 poached eggs on Harvester Toast 4) zzIncubus - Farmers Breakfast 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam - Farmers Breakfast 8) Dania350z 9) T4uvp - Farmers Breakfast 10) ben_8971 - Farmers Breakfast x2 11) Justthejedi 12) StormtrooperZ - Veggie Breakfast 13) Lewis Schwier - Veggie Breakfast 14) Killick.z 15) robman23
  9. I'm going to miss Melbicks! Looking forwards to this Dave, here's hoping for dry weather!
  10. I would imagine the turtlewax product would require a fair bit of upkeep compared to a UV spray as i guess you wipe off the product after use? Maybe keep a good coat of regular wax over the lenses to give them the best chance!
  11. I didn't do the NC500 but went to John'o'groats and Ullapool on the motorbike last September. We were having to stop a 2/3 times a day for petrol and not many places sold premium out in the sticks. If I was in the Zed I would definatly take a couple of bottles of octane booster. What time of year are you planning on going? We were lucky with the weather for September (apart from some ice rain when I wasn't wearing my waterproofs), it was the end of Midge season and we missed alot of the NC500 tourists. I can imagine in August it would be a much less enjoyable experiance. Sam
  12. Have got that whole weekend to myself! Why not start it off with a good brekkie! 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier 4) zzIncubus 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam
  13. With my 350z I have managed to use a standard profile jack on the correct jacking points front and back. To get the front on I drive into a couple of pieces of timber beforehand. I recon any low profile jack will suffice. Halfords do a quite affordable one.
  14. My old Astra used to knock going up the slight bump into my drive, I was always just off full LH lock. When finally got around to checking it out the bottom ball joint on my roll bar linkage had separated completely. Like you I couldn't put my finger on the noise from inside the car, as soon as I took the wheel off it was obvious! XD
  15. Even on an overcast day. Nothing make me happier than looking down that shiny orange bonnet! One of Nissan's criteria for these motors was for them to last to 200k miles. And with the required servicing they will happily do that. Problem with an older car and one with higher milage is there's more chance of an owner missing them out or not checking the oil regularly enough. Good old examples are still out there. Got my 04 just over a year ago with 59k on the clock and a FSH. It doesn't burn a drop of oil and chassis and bodywork are pretty rust free. (Fitted new kidneys last weekend though). I think there's an 04 sunset on the Facebook page for sale that you'd be interested in.





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