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  1. I would imagine the turtlewax product would require a fair bit of upkeep compared to a UV spray as i guess you wipe off the product after use? Maybe keep a good coat of regular wax over the lenses to give them the best chance!
  2. I didn't do the NC500 but went to John'o'groats and Ullapool on the motorbike last September. We were having to stop a 2/3 times a day for petrol and not many places sold premium out in the sticks. If I was in the Zed I would definatly take a couple of bottles of octane booster. What time of year are you planning on going? We were lucky with the weather for September (apart from some ice rain when I wasn't wearing my waterproofs), it was the end of Midge season and we missed alot of the NC500 tourists. I can imagine in August it would be a much less enjoyable experiance. Sam
  3. Have got that whole weekend to myself! Why not start it off with a good brekkie! 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier 4) zzIncubus 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam
  4. With my 350z I have managed to use a standard profile jack on the correct jacking points front and back. To get the front on I drive into a couple of pieces of timber beforehand. I recon any low profile jack will suffice. Halfords do a quite affordable one.
  5. My old Astra used to knock going up the slight bump into my drive, I was always just off full LH lock. When finally got around to checking it out the bottom ball joint on my roll bar linkage had separated completely. Like you I couldn't put my finger on the noise from inside the car, as soon as I took the wheel off it was obvious! XD
  6. Even on an overcast day. Nothing make me happier than looking down that shiny orange bonnet! One of Nissan's criteria for these motors was for them to last to 200k miles. And with the required servicing they will happily do that. Problem with an older car and one with higher milage is there's more chance of an owner missing them out or not checking the oil regularly enough. Good old examples are still out there. Got my 04 just over a year ago with 59k on the clock and a FSH. It doesn't burn a drop of oil and chassis and bodywork are pretty rust free. (Fitted new kidneys last weekend though). I think there's an 04 sunset on the Facebook page for sale that you'd be interested in.
  7. Zeds still on axel stands waiting for some new W-brace bolts so commuting duty has been given to my second car... Missing the luxury! + The clutch sometimes doesn't disengage when changing gears... Adds to the travel chaos behind me!
  8. Nice Zed! Has that been painted in "brickyard"? Love the colour!
  9. Very classy! Am sure she pulls like a train. Always thought big executive cars look good slammed... I'm just gonna leave that there
  10. Got to keep those wheels TipTop!! When the gritters are well and truly gone for the winter I'll be up for another meet. The Zeds on the road all year but I try to avoid driving it when there's fresh salt out.
  11. Welcome along NFSU2 is the reason I always wanted a Zed. And obviously in the game mine was always orange! (With tacky neons and decals obv.) As said above the HR's didn't come in Sunset Orange, only the DE's and Revups. Happy hunting!
  12. Hi My Zed is currently in my single garage with the rear on axel stands. I wouldn't say it's an overly small garage but average. With about 6 inches of space Infront I can still fit a bike in across the back so length wise you should be fine. As you can see there's a lot of clutter up the side but I still managed to get out comfortably, well about as well as can be expected from the passenger door! and I'm 6'4" so all legs and elbows. Would definatly line the wall as said above as the doors are very large!
  13. I think there was a guy on the Facebook group yesterday selling stock cats. Night be with trawling back to find hin
  14. Welcome along! I hope the Zed your coming to export is perfect! Most people view a few before making a purchase. (I got the first one I viewed but spent a couple of months waiting for the right one) I've never driver a left hooker but have been a passenger in one. That was both terrifying and amusing at the same time, just something to get used to I imagine.
  15. Feel the same when I jump in my Zed after driving an astra (after the series landy it's like a luxury space ship). It's a very nice place to sit, even traffic lights suddenly don't seam too bad! +1 for the gear stick vibrations ;). It just adds to the experience.





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