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  1. Hobby horse, 15 mins from me so ill pop over! This Sunday would be best for me, the pub does get quite busy though! And the car park isn't overly big.
  2. I think I'd be in. Am local so would be able to do evenings or weekends.
  3. Don't know about any Zed specific reasons this would be happening but had this happen on a few different cars/bikes. First place I'd look is the coils/plugs! What is it like when you put a lot of load on the motor? Accelerating up a hill for example? I'd also have a look at cleaning your airflow sensor. When was the last time the air filter was changed? If none of this works at least it will act as a "bump"!
  4. The GT pack gave you heated leather seats too. Although there not the best! Something to think about if your into performance etc. I think the cruise control buttons mean you can run multiple ECU maps on Rev-up and HR engined cars, am unsure if it's possible on the DE. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!
  5. I'll throw in a pic too! Have been using autoglym aqua wax. Was on offer a few months ago and the bottle is lasting me very well!
  6. Hi Chap. Car looks nice! I'm in the Loughborough/coalville area, there's a few of us about. Friend of mine had a 1.3 Micra... Interesting choice if he was after power! We struggled to hit 70.
  7. Welcome pal! Where about a in the Midlands are you based? There are quite a few members around here.
  8. I'm think I'm unfortunatly going to be in this position next summer. Have a small patch of bubbles on my front right wing. I have been leaning towards fibreglass even though they have a bad rep for fitment! I consider myself quite a handy chap though and would feel confident in cutting/re-working etc. Atleast fibreglass won't rust. ( I think the ones on there at the moment started to rust from the liners rubbing the paint off) Steel - general consensus is that they will be a bang on fit straight out of the box. Also ECP always have them on sale for around £80 (I'm sure if you ordered one they would take it back if you thought it was too thin) Carbon Fibre - Would love to! But the cost it slot more that I'm willing to spend. (Rear arch panels are cheaper than the fronts in carbon!!!) Also if your car is stock the carbon could look odd, especially as mines a sunset That's my 2cents. I'm curious to know what way you go! Thanks Sam
  9. I don't surpose you know what condition the exhaust is in? Am in the market for a new y-pipe. Thinking I'd rather get a quality used section over a new cheap one! Cheers Sam
  10. Hi Ian, Could you add me to the list for future orders as well? Have been wanting one of these since I've joined the forum! Please drop me a message when you start production of a batch. Thanks Sam Edit: I'd like the one with the 'Z' to be the same material as the panel.
  11. Picture time! I've attached both inside and outside shots of both wheel arches. It's only so that bubbling and one chip where the paint is flaking. The car is a 54 plate with 52k miles MtJavnk, I've just seen the bolt you are referring too that holds the bumper on, It doesn't look too bad in my case. Will need to have the wheel off to have a good look. Do you know if this seam between the inner and outer panels is sealed with anything from factory? I think the inside of my wheel archs are in good shape (correct me if I'm wrong from the pictures). Nothing flaking off or overly rusty! But could they be rusting from between the panels? I'm only worrying as one of my fronts base had a few bubbles appear in the last month or so. And a small imperfection in the paint on one of the back arches but this could be something that has always been there! (Photo of arch is attached also). It's not noticeable at all unless you look down the line of the car in sunlight!
  12. The problem with mirroring a no claims bonus is that you don't start to rack up another set of no claims. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) I mirror my no claims with motorbikes as one is always off the road... (Italian). So I don't mind too much only having one set of no claims. With the cars I have built up 2 sets as you'll want one car for sunny days and one for bad ones. Easy to do for me as my 2nd car is an old Land Rover and insurance is £80 a year fully comp!
  13. Hi All Just a quick post asking for some advice. I have some small areas of rust on the inside most edge of the welded seam (the part that would get rolled). The outside of the arch is showing no signs of bubbling and all metal feels solid. I am currently planning on purchasing some Blitz Hammer Deox gel & zinc primer. Remove all loose material & original paint, sand back the rusted area and use the Deox gel, prime and then paint with something I've not thought of yet. Has anyone else done something similar? I'm hoping this will help delay the inevitable by atleast a few years as I have caught it early on. I'll take some pictures of I remember tomorrow to give you all a better idea of what I'm up against. Thanks Sam
  14. Saw a Sunset 350z heading southbound on the M5 just north of Western. If your on here I'd like to compliment you on your exhaust note. A nice low pitch rumble. I was in a very inconspicuous astra at the time instead on my own identical Zed!



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