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  1. Will do!! This is the best time of year for this colour in my opinion. How the low sun hits it, its constantly changing from bright orange through to copper as the panels curve! Man I sound like I need to get out more xD
  2. Winter wash this afternoon. Finished with the turtle Wax spray on wax used as a drying aid. First time using it, went on nicely, hazed up a little and wiped off cleanly. Look forwards to seeing how well it stays!
  3. You could always "protest vote" they are actually counted. Conservative majority = A bunch of tossers in but with ok bartering power to get a deal as they want to leave. Labour majority = Slightly better idiots in charge but with no cards to play. Why would the EU give any kind of deal knowing that the public will reject it if it's bad enough. There are other things than Brexit to vote on but it's up there with the main points.
  4. I'm liking the look of those renders! Although we were all let down by Honda's e-prototype when they actually made it. Let's hope Hyundai don't fall into the same trap. I think the i30n is one of the better looking hatches out there ATM. (Especially the one at caffeine & machine!) Keep up the good work Hyundai!
  5. Thanks for the heads up!! Reserved some for tomorrow. Must be good as my local store has always been out of stock till now!!
  6. Cars looking nice chap! Wanted the orange leather (can't remember it's actual name) when I got mine. I grew up in Cov so still spend a fair bit of time visiting family/friends. I'll keep an eye out for you.
  7. Huming noise that changes when turning. Sounds like a wheel bearing. Jack her up and check for any free play in the wheels / have a garage look at it for you if your not sure, that would be my first check anyway.
  8. The "standard"/factory fitted rays for the 350z are 18" and the normal spacer sizes are 20mm front & 25mm rear. I've no experience with this but I seem to recall reading that you can lower the car by 30 mm and get no rubbing even with these spacers! A common upgrade to the 350z is to fit 370 rays which are 19" and require a spacer up front to clear the brembo calipers. A picture would be best to see exactly what wheels you have
  9. Friend of mine picked me up last night in a car I'd not thought about before. A LHD 07 Corvette with a 6L V8. 430bhp and 550ft'lbs. It shifted but was still refined enough around town, Sub 20k for a low milage import that's barely run in. He was getting 17mph having a little play and apparently 30 on the motorway so not too far off the Zeds!
  10. I live near Coalville in Leicestershire but am from Coventry so spend a lot of time there as well! Davey_83 above is the midland meet organiser and puts on a good few meets a year. I've driven mine in freezing conditions and it's all been fine. Caught me out a couple of times when it's been perticulally slippy and I've been feeling playful. I think there's quite a lot of pedal travel so it's easy to control the throttle.
  11. Hello :). Are you a fellow Midlander or just picked up the car from around here? Sam
  12. Mine went up to 37ish once in on the M5 (when it was one long 50 limit). I was getting too much enjoyment watching it go up .1 every 3/4 miles xD I think 45/50 gives you the best return, I think you might even be able to touch 40mpg by hypermiling. There would be alot of angry Pepe behind you mind!
  13. There is a large blurred area around EV's I was reading the other day that in Hong Kong it's better for the environment to run a new ICE than an EV. As they have no natural resources close by, to get the fuels to the power stations was more polluting than filling up with unleaded... Yet these cars were still subsidised.
  14. I was seriously considering doing the swap to my series Landy a couple of years ago, it seemed most swaps were made by taking the drivetrain from a scrapped Nissan leaf or two but this was only giving maybe 60 miles of range (retaining the 4speed gearbox and transfer case). Buying a motor & cells was around £10'000 at the time) If only the government gave the same kind of grants for upgrading to electric as they do for buying new. Is it still a £5000 grant?
  15. I would love an electric vehicle, would proberbly go for a motorbike first as I could still keep an 'ICE' bike for touring/weekends away and not run out of space. (I'm not ready to fully commit) My main problem with them though is almost all electric vehicles are hideous, there seems to be a dedicated effort from every manufacturer to make electric cars stand out as being electric/futuristic in there styling. I would be more interested in a conversion kit, and I'm sure I can't be alone. I can't justify spending 40k on a new car, but if there was a electric motor and battery pack I could buy to convert my second car for £3/4k I'd be seriously contemplating it. Please feel free to delete my comment if it's not what the thread should be about! XD



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