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  1. Am now the proud owner of this '79 Suzuki GS850g. Bullet proof motor, air cooled and shaft drive = pretty much maintenance free. Insurance £63 Tax - £0 MOT - Exempt Lovely cheap motoring!
  2. Welcome back, (not that I knew you from before) Would love to see pictures of your trip to give me some pointers for where to stop! I'm planning a road trip to Scotland myself in September. Sam
  3. Good photos Dave, and a good meet up as always. Thanks for organising!
  4. I'll put myself down as a maybe. So long as I don't get roped into bathroom renovation! 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N 7) Charlie Boy 8) Justthejedi 9) zzincubus 10) Sim 11) one-eyed-king maybe 12) Dani350 maybe 13) valy maybe 14) Phil T and Missus 15) AntelopeSam
  5. Hi all, My girlfriend is currently driving the Zed to work as her car is playing up and I'm still working from home. Lucky her! As usual it's up to me to get her car up to scratch again. This is where I would like a second opinion. Car in question: 65 plate Astra 1.4 turbo Temperature guage is on 90 before the engine is even turned on. (Though sometimes it's not!) After going for a drive the temperature started and stayed around 90, it used to be 90 all day long without moving a mm! Got home and checked the coolant hoses, radiator fins were still cold but then the fan came on and temp went through the roof! Obviously I killed the motor. To me this is signaling the thermostat but the speed of temperature change and it reading 90 even when cold makes me unsure, could it be just a temp sensor? (Electronic thermostat?) Thanks Sam
  6. Welcome along nice looking car! Mod wise, You can pick up a set of Rays wheels for a few £100 if you want to keep it stock. Known to be some of the best wheels for this car. Leather seats quite reasonable on eBay as well, theaters wouldn't work but could be a nice upgrade (some people prefer the cloth as you slide a bit more on the leather)
  7. That looks fantastic! Do you know what fabric was used? Ive only took my boot trim apart this afternoon to have a go at wrapping my strut cover! Will be posting a photo of all turns out well!
  8. Welcome along. I don't think we have many purests here buddy! Car looks nice & clean. How is she underneath? W-brace & kidneys? Just keep an eye on the dipstick & oil pressure till you've learnt the car and you'll be fine
  9. Used to use a grout pen to paint the tyres on my old bikes. It looked good in my opinion, the letters would only be 20mm tall though due to smaller side walls. On the right car it could look good. Lowered with a big ass wing & aero
  10. Welcome along. Any pics? They are nice to look out of the window at, I just admired mine whilst putting he bins out xD
  11. Headlights look good. I used the meguires kit on mine. It came with a UV protectant spray which you put on after sanding with the pads provided. 6 months or so later there still just as clear. Might be worth a shot instead of taking to a garage
  12. Spent almost 3 hours on her today. First clean after driving her every day for the last 3 weeks! Had a go with some Simoniz paste wax, it was cheap and had some pretty good reviews. Let's see how it behaves over the next couple of weeks Signing off. Mr Miyagi
  13. Welcome along! Liking the colour you chose for those wheels! Have been thinking about having mine powder coated as there showing some age.
  14. Had to go into the office today to pick something up. Couldn't resist taking the bike. Even with a stubby can and no baffles I still got less judgemental looks than driving a sunset Zed around! It's never too late to get one!
  15. An old cup was following me a couple of weeks ago on my way home, it was completely stripped and had a cage fitted. He overtook me and the car infront coming up to a roundabout and the thing had 0 body roll. Haven't seen anything corner like that before!
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