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  1. Still working! I'm a computer security consultant and we normally work remotely anyway, admittedly we're usually on client sites but not at the minute and work hasn't slowed down whatsoever!
  2. Got a spare wire with a single pin connector on the end that I just can't seem to find it's home. I've attached photos but it joins with the MAF sensor wiring on the intake. Anyone know where it might go to? For info the car runs fine without it, I bought the car with the engine out, rebuilt it and put it back into the car so I never disconnected it in the first place.
  3. IvanNo

    Club Calendar 2020

    Hey, sorry missed the original post Am I too late to get in on a calendar?
  4. Hey all, finally got my first Z on the road after a lot of work, Any Leicester meets coming up soon?
  5. Does anyone know the best place to buy a full engine gasket set? I've spoken to Nissan and they want £340 for just the head gasket set





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