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  1. Mikevv

    I need a V8 (AKA Porsche thread)

    C6 Z06s are NA with an LS7. C6 ZR1s are the charged ones with the LS9 and still fetch a hefty premium on the "base" C6. OP, If you're going for a C6, hold out for an LS3 car. C7s are better interior wise but to me the C6 is a classic
  2. Mikevv

    I need a V8 (AKA Porsche thread)

    You will struggle to get a good C6 for that and a C7 is still £40k onwards. We live in the wrong country
  3. Mikevv

    'STANG thread

    More intrigued by their Exige S. Much better choice *we have both too
  4. Hi guys and gals, I forgot to include my name in the last advert, so I'm sorry for that! Please see the pics for the condition of the tyres - I only removed them as my rear were shot and I wanted a new set of non semi slicks as its my daily. These have no punctures or anything like that, but have been used. They were £150 new per tyre I believe, so I think £100 for the pair is fair. Ideally I'd like collection, but will courier if you arrange it all. Based near Bournemouth, so can deliver locally for free. I can remove the tyre writing for you if that puts you off, but only if you take the pair
  5. Mikevv


    Gave the car a good wash and wax ready for winter driving... (there's a few Mclaren pics on there too - gotta get dem likes)
  6. Mikevv

    What can I get for my budget

    A bus pass and some sandwhiches for when its ****ed.
  7. Mikevv


    I did. Torqen one, easy to install, but I paid a dealer to do it because they have a ramp. It's pretty self explanatory really, higher quality, stronger and has oil change flap so doesn't have to come off to do an oil change, unlike the OEM ones. I'd recommend it any day. Peace of mind too, stronger than the plastic crap! Also probably cheaper too!
  8. Mikevv

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Way back in August hahaha. Typical though, 2 days after I collected there was one locally in better spec with less owners and same price. I spent 9 months looking and never found one, then two came. Been looking since then and still no more have come so I'm glad I made the purchase when I did.
  9. Mikevv

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Let me lure you to the dark side ;) Can be had for £70k brand new out the box for a high optioned "base" car or you can buy a used higher spec model for that/less. Best drivers car the money can get you, holds its own in terms of performance with cars worth double that also, but nobody will come close for sheer fun ( Read some reviews, all say the same thing - its bloody brilliant even at twice the price )
  10. Mikevv

    370Z Nismo

    I'd say get a MK2, smack on the MK1 wheels and spoiler - done. Mk2 has better everything, can always add the Mk1 bits, but not the other way around.
  11. Mikevv

    Is a catback worth it?

    Oh god they put a full size plate on the back again! Bastards. Are the carbon mirrors still there?
  12. Mikevv

    Is a catback worth it?

    @Adrian@TORQEN will be able to help should you need it
  13. Mikevv

    Lotus - Evora & Exige

    For build quality statements, you seem to forget they are a small company and hand made. Go look at some of the SHOCKING stuff in Aston Martins, but people forgive it because " well its handmade " While that's a good excuse for a £65k car that will blow the doors off anything under £150K around a track and for fun factor, its not excusable on the same level for an Aston Martin or similar. I've paid so much because its hand made, yes, but I expect it to be perfect then! "soz mate, Jim not in today, so we got 1 handed Eric to do the sewing today, tough luck" Nothing wrong with the Exige in terms of quality, it's all raw and fun - It has less rattles n squeaks than my new Nismo did. Again I can't speak for the Evora cause I don't own one but still, seen many in dealers and they all seemed very nicely made.
  14. Mikevv

    Second car related Coffee Table completed

    Thats two Mercedes M113 5.0 V8s. Powdercoated and great for reptile tank "legs"