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  1. Mikevv

    370Z Nismo

    I'd say get a MK2, smack on the MK1 wheels and spoiler - done. Mk2 has better everything, can always add the Mk1 bits, but not the other way around.
  2. Mikevv

    Is a catback worth it?

    Oh god they put a full size plate on the back again! Bastards. Are the carbon mirrors still there?
  3. Mikevv

    Is a catback worth it?

    @Adrian@TORQEN will be able to help should you need it
  4. Mikevv

    Lotus - Evora & Exige

    For build quality statements, you seem to forget they are a small company and hand made. Go look at some of the SHOCKING stuff in Aston Martins, but people forgive it because " well its handmade " While that's a good excuse for a £65k car that will blow the doors off anything under £150K around a track and for fun factor, its not excusable on the same level for an Aston Martin or similar. I've paid so much because its hand made, yes, but I expect it to be perfect then! "soz mate, Jim not in today, so we got 1 handed Eric to do the sewing today, tough luck" Nothing wrong with the Exige in terms of quality, it's all raw and fun - It has less rattles n squeaks than my new Nismo did. Again I can't speak for the Evora cause I don't own one but still, seen many in dealers and they all seemed very nicely made.
  5. Mikevv

    Second car related Coffee Table completed

    Thats two Mercedes M113 5.0 V8s. Powdercoated and great for reptile tank "legs"
  6. Mikevv

    Second car related Coffee Table completed

    Did you by any chance have that done in Ferndown? When they did mine they mentioned someone had theirs polished there? I might have you beat though ( gonna go take a pic to show you :P yes I have all the pistons n cranks too, just needed them in this fashion once the "kids" came along )
  7. Mikevv

    Lotus - Evora & Exige

    So, here I go. Firstly whoever bought that orange Exige 350 from Snows is a lucky bugger. To find a 350 with those wheels is like hens teeth. I moved from a 370z to the Lotus, and in one month have done over 1400 miles - Once you're in it's easily on par with the 370z for comfort and actually ride is better. Yes it's rock hard and stiff, but it's been set up so well that you don't feel it shatter your arse like in a GT86. I skipped the Evora as the only way it would be an improvement in speed is to get a 400 or 410 ( yes I know it drives better but I found the Z a bit sluggish so wanted excitement ) It also didn't feel much different to the 370, big comfy plush car. I want racecar stuff xD In terms of practicality, it's enough for 2 people, no problem. The boot is actually deceptively big, as it extends all the way to the edge of the wheel well on the right hand side, left side is the battery - but be warned it gets warm in there. Interior space isn't bad, but what do you need in there? get a phone holder and stick that in there, wallet goes in the trinket tray, and sunglasses on your face. DONE. Any other issues feel free to PM me and I can try n talk you into buying it - by far the best car I've ever had, even if it costs a fortune for a "toy car"
  8. Sold, please lock - On to the Lotus I go!
  9. Just for a laugh I checked it now. They offered me £27k!
  10. Hi guys, it's time to get some feelers out there for my car. I am the first owner, it has FSH with only 1 being needed, also has 2 services left in the service pack. The entire front end is PPFed and cost £1200. I have paperwork for this, and the work has a warranty as it was carried out by RaceByDesign. The car is mechanically stock, only mods being tinted rear windows, and black roof wrap. Mileage sits at 8500 roughly, as it is my daily, it may go up. The car has no dents, scratches or swirls - always been detailed correctly. I have only run the car on V power and have a stack of receipts to prove it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Price is £28,500 1 owner FSH 8500 miles PPF front end Location - near Bournemouth
  11. No I fully understand Martin, I'm just gonna wing it and pay on the day - sorry about that! I'll be sure to pop along to the stand though! ( mods if you wanna tidy up the thread remove my comments )
  12. EDIT - Will buy tickets on the day, knowing our luck itll be the first day of rain in 6 weeks :P sorry lads!
  13. Sorry guys, it's now sold, mods please close the thread
  14. Hi guys, due to upgrades I'm now on an S9+ and this means my S7 Edge is for sale. I had the screen and battery replaced under warranty recently so it's essentially a brand new phone! No nicks or anything on it, bar one small scratch to the back which can be seen in the pictures. It was a Vodafone phone, but you can have it unlocked for next to nothing. I'm looking for £200 + post which is about £5 I believe. You can also collect or I can deliver locally in Bournemouth for free.
  15. Mikevv

    'STANG thread

    Dad got his new car today, hes happy