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  1. A BIG ASK

    I'm not local, but saw your recent thread - Buick Riviera by any chance?
  2. Meridian Modena Ferrari

    In my mind red is the LAST colour I'd put a Ferrari in. But hey, that's my opinion. Also the last "pretty" Ferrari was the F430/Scud. The 458 and 488 just don't do it for me. F12 a little bit, but very colour sensitive. Now having said all of that, I'd gladly take a free one of any of their cars xD
  3. You'd be better off buying a forum car, which you can still have inspected by anyone else. Junction 17 have so many horror stories on this forum alone, from people who decided to go against it all.... " nah it won't happen to me... it'll be fine" YEAH NO! Browse our cars for sale section or post in the wanted section with your requirements and budget I found it easier to buy a new Nismo than it was to get a pre owned one - as an example if you put down say £10k for a deposit, a new Nismo can be had for £37k total meaning around £280 a month
  4. Exige 350 can be had on a 66 plate for mid-high 40k. Do it.
  5. I did, and I love my car - but then I was limited due to insurance and not willing to spend a fortune on maintenance too. Hell a base spec BMW 420d M sport starts around £38,5k... don't get much for your money elsewhere.
  6. I'm going to buy a Yank

    1967/8 Camaro.
  7. 08 HR in Alton

    Drove past you, you were parked at a shop I believe? Lovely colour
  8. I think its a pretty ugly car to be honest, and like the 4C, it will be a fad. Get something that will be different or exotic. A big engine helps This is also just my opinion, but a turbo 4 is crap when I can have a bigger 6, or even a V8. The Exige ticks the most boxes for me that way, VERY rare, holds value like you wouldn't believe ( if you bought one for circa £50k, not new ) and because they are rare, and not "luxury" cars you get road presence for those in the know, and those who aren't will mistake it for high end cars Oh did I mention they are stupid fast too?
  9. My money is towards a nice Lotus Exige, but the V6 variant. Try and strive for the 350 as it's an updated version of the S, or better yet, a 380 Good luck with the search, I had a similar dilemma earlier this year and ended up with the Nismo. Was the best " on paper" buy. Brand new car, fit and finish was very good. E92 M3 was too old, Mustang was too crap ( bad fit, driving felt like a sponge ) and Cayman was out of reach for my budget ( wanted a newer one ) The Lotus just ooozes road presence, at the cost of comfort and maybe the interior isn't the most plush!
  10. v8 engine coffee table

    I don't mean to be rude, but don't you think the price is a bit steep, considering it's not even powdercoated/clean?
  11. Gutted about my Z

    I'd take the cash, put down a nice deposit on something tasty, or use it for home improvements type thing? For the record, a new Nismo can be had for less than 37k on Carwow, or you can buy used for under that. £10k down with a £37k car puts you at atound £285 a month, if you'd be looking to finance - I was told every £1000 knocks the monthly down by £30 ish, which doing the maths seemed true.
  12. Just hit 120004 gamerscore... maybe I should get a new hobby...
  13. I got Forza 7, but generally anti-social hahaha Recently got a Logitech G920 so practicing with that. With a controller I can beat the game on Unbeatable and no assists, with the wheel I can barely complete a lap without spinning so far... PM me if you want my gamertag, be warned, I won't use a Mic haha
  14. I don't use cash for anything nowadays, why risk it? It's not my problem if he wants to hide the tax etc.... that's on you pal. I hope it all goes well, and we look forward to seeing what you get ( subject to approval, if its a BMW/Audi/Merc we'll be having words - if it's diesel it'll be a straight ban )
  15. When your Ferrari FXX K is "too slow"

    Dark red, grey, and dark blue are my preferred models there