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  1. They won't let me in to exhibit cause I'm not in a Japanese car, but Ive got a stand pass.
  2. Ready and excited - looking forward to pissing a lot of people off with my new stickers...
  3. Did the Pirelli P Zeron Corsas - decided to do the same with the MPS4 today...
  4. Weather might be a bit rough!! Bloody typical. I usually go in via hatchet lane but traffic is usually chaos. Might try the other side
  5. Saw you just after the roadworks - just before for you. Was in the orange lotus
  6. Was coming out of the petrol station (seem to be here a lot...) Orange Lotus.
  7. Was in a white GT86 next to you. You sparked a 20 minute conversation of how I was an idiot to sell my Nismo and how much I miss it ahaha
  8. Nah, I played it by ear and it pi**ed it down so I had a lie in xD
  9. Payco NickC Silverhorn Killick.z pagan  snowy87 Rich_T andy James AmyZed Mikevv - weather permitting!
  10. Reduced to £200 for a quick sale, Plus postage.
  11. Nothing spectacular like the pics from ATTAK, just enjoyed the sun
  12. For sale is my Galaxy S8 Plus. I’m selling it as I’ve upgraded to an S10 Plus and it is now surplus to requirements. The phone is in grade A condition, however the screen has a few scratches which bring it down to between an A and a B. These are hard to notice, but once you do you can see them. However, if you don’t clean your phone religiously and leave fingerprints on the screen then you won’t really see them. I have tried to capture them on the photos, but as they aren’t major they are hard to get a picture of. The phone will be factory reset before sending to you – Everything in the photos is included – The phone, the box with booklets etc and of course the charger. It can be collected/delivered locally in the Bournemouth area for free. Not sure on the postage costs, but I doubt it will be anything major. I am open to offers, if they are sensible. Any questions feel free to ask.





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