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  1. Forza 7, replaying skyrim currently with 60 mods installed, Battlefield 1, and a bit of Witcher 3. Played the CoD beta, and since then have laughed at their franchise - Having owned every game since Cod 3, not a lot has changed in the last 5 or so games. Yes the jetpack jumping @*!# sucked, but if you ignore that, it still all plays the same - good for some, bad for some. Battlefield just feels much more rounded, and the community is better IMO. The CoD beta was full of drop shotting little pricks, and those who literally jump around a corner, which is annoying but not a huge problem as you can still kill them if you adapt quick enough. Being so used to Battlefield, if a guy camps out in a house, I just throw dynamite near the wall, and make a new door, if not crush him with the very house he's hiding in. Forza has been good so far, although the stupid crate system hasn't been good for me - Or the outfits. The outfits so far can only be gotten through crates, or driver level ups, which means all my rewards for levelling up are costumes as I don't want to get free cars or money. I like to earn them, so start in say a lunchbox, earn the Zed, then get a Mclaren or similar. Not "you finished your first race, heres £1M" Don't see many games coming out that interest me TBH
  2. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    Well it's got a 6.2 V8 - even though its more efficient than our 3.5s haha But yeah its Auto, LHD, and a lot of money for an "old car" Small market to resell to. Quite a few factors
  3. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    He's had it since before April, so yeah it'll still be there hahaha
  4. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    That's a bit dramatic. Yes it's plastic, but that means it won't rust in our "exotic climate" Furthermore, they are great cars, if you google their laptimes they are insane value. The reason they cost so much here is supply n demand, making them not popular as they aren't the best quality. I would buy one for looks, they look epic. Seen 2 in my life in the UK - 13 years - Both times I was blown away and they roared past me. Do they look pathetic in the wet on a grey afternoon in the US too? Thats a dumb point. If they were RHD, I'd sooner buy one than a Mustang. IMO the LS series engines are much more favourable than Coyote. Simple, cheap/easy power and reliable!
  5. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    Put it this way, that thing has been for sale since before I got my Nismo in April... I wanted a C6, but only LS3 models, and low mileage manual. The problem is, the market is small in the UK.
  6. 370Z Nismo

    The cost is the same as mine, it was brand new and I waited for the tax ruling to change in my favour before buying. I have no idea what I paid upfront but it was around £7-800. And now that it's paid, my tax will remain at £140 a year. They should have explained that, its a one off fee! There were multiple threads asking about this, and google will tell you loads of information. Also, don't buy a brand new Corsa. God damn, imagine how much more car you can get instead of a shitbox!
  7. Cray Z 2017 Nismo - Brand Spankers!

    I guess you can, but I doubt Nissan are very helpful...
  8. Cray Z 2017 Nismo - Brand Spankers!

    Your boot should open first time every time. ( Mine does, and I've done 4000 miles since April in mine as its my daily ) Also how have you only done 600 miles since June???
  9. 370Z Nismo

    Thats exactly whats happening all cars under £40k pay the same I believe? Theres MANY threads on it
  10. 370Z Nismo

    I paid about £780 up front, and now it's £140 a year. So after 3 years it costs the same as before, and 4th year I've saved money
  11. 370Z Nismo

    Carwow works for me. They currently have an offer for a 370z Nismo, brand new made to order - £32,139 with 4,49%. This is due to Nissan offering £5k deposit contributions though so take that in mind!
  12. Looks like a lovely car I've had mine since April and done over 3k miles, so it's a shame she hasn't been used! Might wanna say if you'd swap it back to OEM for a reduced price or split the parts etc - some people might not want mods. Just in general more detail would help, but then there isn't much to say! GLWTS,
  13. New Nismo mk2

    I prefer the look of the MK2, but having never driven a MK1, I can't compare. The seats are great, comfy but sporty. Having driven 1200 miles in a week I came back the same as when I left, no pains or anything. The only thing I'd change is the spoiler, the MK1 is better in that regard Enjoy the car, but check the forum for the shipping spacers etc
  14. You bugger. I was happy having one of the newest cars. Very nice car, and in the best colour! Now, time for mods?!
  15. New project..... Datsun 240z