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  1. Yes that's it thanks. Is that easy to take off and put on? Looks like it has clips yes? `thanks
  2. Hi everyone, Can anyone help please? I'm looking for a passenger side window weather trim. It's the back metal bit. Its not the rubber seal its the one on the outside that goes between the window and the door. It has come away near where the door handle is and I have a leak. Would post a pic but not at home. Thanks!
  3. OK thanks will do. I'll report back.
  4. Thanks for replying. No I'm not handy whatsoever. Pretty sure the spark plugs are due this time round. I normally only do 5000 miles but this year I've done around 13000.
  5. Was serviced 13 months ago but I noticed today for the first time a little oil on the cam cover.
  6. Hi all, I have a 350z GT4 which I have had for 9 years. Never skipped a beat. I have had a look through the forum but just wanted to confirm the issue. The car on idle is nearly stalling and sounds pretty rough, Occasionally I will try to pull off in 1st and it struggles as though something is blocked? I need the air con on full otherwise it near enough stalls. Check engine light is intermittent. I got someone to read the codes and it states: 'System too lean bank 1 and 2' and 'Random/multiple cylin
  7. Spoke to them on the phone to confirm viewing but was informed 'The price was the price'. No negotiation. I believe it to be overpriced. i'll leave it.
  8. Yes thanks Andy I've got a test drive etc Wednesday so yes the deal has to be right. I know at a guess what they will have paid for it, its February with gale force winds and not exactly car selling season. I intend to go in fairly hard. Thanks for the advice its appreciated.
  9. Thanks Andy. The car is one owner from Bournemouth. Checked the MOT history nothing on it really. 3k miles a year. Looks good but was wet. Anything I should check has been done recently? clicky axle etc? Cheers
  10. Hi all, I drove past this car today and was thinking of buying it. https://www.normanmotors.co.uk/nissan-370z-v6-gt-6514018?utm_source=Cazana.com%20-%20Call%20020%203137%206567&utm_medium=portal&utm_campaign=HJ10KUD Anybody know it? Is it slightly overpriced? Any other info would be great(had a 350z GT4 for 8 years now!) Cheers
  11. Thanks all. Guessed it was the v8 or nothing... Cheers
  12. Guessed this was coming...:)
  13. Slightly more than the £22k I have to spend...Fancy the 5.0 obviously but sensible is not in my nature....Not sure if I could get one for less than £25k? The geezer down the road has a 5.0 2017 I think...In ORANGE...Nice motor...
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