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  1. Spoke to them on the phone to confirm viewing but was informed 'The price was the price'. No negotiation. I believe it to be overpriced. i'll leave it.
  2. Yes thanks Andy I've got a test drive etc Wednesday so yes the deal has to be right. I know at a guess what they will have paid for it, its February with gale force winds and not exactly car selling season. I intend to go in fairly hard. Thanks for the advice its appreciated.
  3. Thanks Andy. The car is one owner from Bournemouth. Checked the MOT history nothing on it really. 3k miles a year. Looks good but was wet. Anything I should check has been done recently? clicky axle etc? Cheers
  4. Hi all, I drove past this car today and was thinking of buying it. https://www.normanmotors.co.uk/nissan-370z-v6-gt-6514018?utm_source=Cazana.com%20-%20Call%20020%203137%206567&utm_medium=portal&utm_campaign=HJ10KUD Anybody know it? Is it slightly overpriced? Any other info would be great(had a 350z GT4 for 8 years now!) Cheers
  5. Thanks all. Guessed it was the v8 or nothing... Cheers
  6. Guessed this was coming...:)
  7. Slightly more than the £22k I have to spend...Fancy the 5.0 obviously but sensible is not in my nature....Not sure if I could get one for less than £25k? The geezer down the road has a 5.0 2017 I think...In ORANGE...Nice motor...
  8. I've had my GT4 for near on 8 years now. Never let me down and I mean ever...Just the usual maintenance... Anyway I'm 47 now and for my 48th birthday in December I thought I would get something more mature... How about this? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909252620578?make=FORD&postcode=bh14dj&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=relevance&radius=1501&model=MUSTANG&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&price-to=22500&page=1&modal=photos Or does anybody have a Mustang here that can help me out? Advice, maintenance costs etc... Or maybe advise something else? £22k is my limit really... Cheers Chris
  9. Nice! nearly bought one of the 76 yellow ones but got let down...Had to settle for a black GT4 8 years ago.. Any chance you could PM me the price you paid and mileage etc as I'm going to be selling mine soon and not sure whether the GT4 will command a premium over the GT? I know its a bit cheeky but would appreciate it. Cheers
  10. Hi all thanks for the replies. I've had the car 8 years now and am on the eye out for something new. Is the 'W brace' just an advisory or a possible failure on the MOT? Cheers
  11. Evening everyone, I've got my MOT due next month and looking for a couple of bits if possible please? I have a blow on the front y-pipe exhaust on my 2005 GT4. Also I was looking for a 'rear chassis strengthening bar' (states corroded on last mot) Cheers P.s. Im in Bournemouth if that helps..
  12. I may be blind but I can't seem to see what year this is?
  13. Hi All, Sorry everyone but I've read the guide and I understand its the T20 bulb or 7440 for a 2005 GT4 reverse bulb? I've looked everywhere and there all led bulbs at about £20. Do I need an led bulb ? Can anyone give me any advice or a link to the correct bulb please? Cheers in advance, Chris
  14. Cheers Headphones As i say I took it to the local Romamian car wash but the paintwork is rubbish after cleaning. They didn't look to cheerful when I drove in lol..A friend of mine knows them well and there was no way it was coming off..I even got my own cloth and 'shampoo' from them and attempted myself.It definitely was not coming off.. I've been here loads of times before and I know I should wash it myself but normally I go there and get a semi decent result... And no my car does not have a recent wax/sealant unfortunately... In the meantime I've parked it down the road. Looks like I need a full on assault?
  15. OK thanks everyone. It looks like the best course of action is to start with some 'tar remover' and some 'fallout remover' and a clay cloth? Once received I'll spend the day doing this and go from there? Maybe start with a small patch I guess. Any more feedback appreciated otherwise I shall crack on with this once received. Cheers everyone Chris





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