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  1. Price dropped to £8,700 - including me dropping to Portsmouth or Southampton (based on the isle of wight)
  2. Will consider reasonable offers
  3. Still for sale, forgot to add air conditioning is serviced and good to go. Video taken today of exhaust sound:
  4. Just installed a new battery in the car as the old one was 5 years old and a bit tired so peace of mind there for the new owner!
  5. Thank you, yeah I think it will be a bargain for someone and maybe a bit under-priced. It's a great car for someone to go into the Summer with and I would really keep it if I used it but it's wasted on me barely being around to drive it.
  6. 2009 Nissan 370z for Sale. Approx 73,000 Miles - Slowly increasing as occasional use. MOT until 24th November 2020 Owned for over 5 years since 17,000 miles - I'm the 3rd owner. Plenty of history with the car, always well maintained and looked after as per service intervals. Recent new rear tyres and rear brakes (discs/pads). The car is standard apart from a Tanabe Medalion exhaust, I searched around for the right exhaust for the car and found this is a popular option and ended up shipping one over from USA, it makes the car sound great and not too obnoxious and often receives compliments. The car is also fitted with an aftermarket Mishimoto oil cooler, often reviews say the 370z runs too hot especially if used on a track (mine hasn't been on a track but fitted as a precaution) with this fitted the car stays at a good temperature. The car will come with the original exhaust should the new owner want to re-fit it. I also have a spare set of Nissan wheels, originally planned to run a summer/winter set but I only ended up running the one set. Unfortunately 2 years ago someone rolled into it in traffic, it caused damage to the rear bumper. The person that hit it decided to go through his insurance and because I insisted I wanted it fixed to a high standard via Nissan it was decided to be a write off. I have photos of the damage (attached below) which proves it was only minor and the repairs were carried out and it has been driven faultlessly for 2 years. The car drives faultless, clutch and gearbox both smooth and it pulls just as it should, it has been a joy to own and I'll be sad to see it go however it is unfortunately not driven very often so seems wasted being sat there not being enjoyed. I'm looking for £8,700 for the car including the original exhaust which is in like new condition and the spare set of wheels. I'm in no rush to sell so won't take silly offers, this is likely the cheapest 370z in the country and you likely won't find one under £10,000 which has under 100,000 miles and is in pretty much standard un-abused condition. It's been well cared for and drives well. Car will be available after COVID-19 lockdown is over as I'm located on the Isle of Wight, however I will be able to meet buyer in Portsmouth or Southampton.
  7. Think one of mine is going too. Can you get away with just the bearing rather than whole assembly?
  8. josh2005

    370z cats

    I'm unsure of the brand but they are cheap test pipes and there is a hole which has got worse on one of them! Wouldn't say they are worth anything!
  9. josh2005

    370z cats

    Putting my car back to standard and unfortunately don't have a pair of cats so looking for a pair. Car is a 2009 model however don't think makes a difference!
  10. Seen a few zeds recently over here this week: Black 350z 55 plate, seen it around a few times. Rose black 370z convertible in Lake a couple of days ago. Grey 370z coupe in blackwater going towards Rookley again a couple of days ago.
  11. Been down in Taunton for the day for work and as i was travelling home about 15.00 i spotted white nismo, gave me a wave!
  12. White Nismo with a custom number plate spotted on the Isle of Wight, not sure if anyone's on here?
  13. Had it re-plugged in today and it looks like the sensor again so guessing a rubbish sensor been used as the replacement! Going to buy a better one then try that!
  14. Had a go and the abs doesn't seem to kick in, traction control definitely doesn't! Lights still on too! Think I'll have to try another garage!





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