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  1. Offer asking if they haven’t gone
  2. Welcome from another Black M2 NISMO owner
  3. A few nismo goodies arrived yesterday from japan. Just wondering if anyone else has fitted a nismo knob, mine is the aluminum black one. just wondering if I need a finisher or anything for this knob with the 370Z. I know the OE Knob will be a bitch to remove, but I have the guide and just want any other parts I might need before I do the install. Filler Cap has a excellent feel to it and just sticks on the old one. Nismo decals will be put on once the car is next cleaned. I will update with pics. PS: Nismo carbon Fibre B
  4. My invidia is now fitted, excellent bit of kit, very well made. I would be interested to hear what yours is like with the HFC's too. (Which brand did you go for ?)
  5. Looks spot on. Did it have to be modded to fit your Nismo ? Never hear an ark grip but meant to be spot on. My invidia is at customs so should be long now for mine.
  6. Great vids. Look forward to seeing the difference the invidia makes. Currently waiting for my invidia to arrive too.
  7. Spotted this on eBay local pickup Hoddeston maybr useful to someone https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113947730096
  8. Z4ZORRO

    Exhaust Advice

    Cant get any definitive from anywhere TBH. Some say the invidia gemini fits perfect but others say it looks lost on the nismo bumper. I cant see any Nismo option on the invidia gemini on any website, the only options are for the type of tip (rolled etc. Also some say ARK Grip fits fine, others have had to pay to have it modded to fit. Ark say it doesnt fit, and you need a DTS for the nismo.
  9. Z4ZORRO

    Exhaust Advice

    Sorry for the delay but thanks for your response. The hunt continues for a exhaust. som much info to go through, was going to plump for a invidia Gemini but then someone said it doesn’t fit the nismo properly then I read neither does the ark grip either
  10. Hi Anyone in west yorks with Torqen Short Tails fitted (Or AAM, as I believe they are similar) Thanks
  11. Z4ZORRO

    Exhaust Advice

    Hi Can anyone advise if exhaust parts between a Nismo 370Z and Non Nismo 370 are interchangeable ? Basically I have been offered a Milltek backbox off a non Nismo and was wondering if it will bolt straight on to my Nismo (MK2) Thanks for any advice in advance.
  12. Thanks Will swap mi trainers for a Invidia :-)
  13. Finally got round to giving my nismo the treatment all my cars get. With it been a black 2016 there was a bit of light swirls on the car. Snow foam washed with meguiars NXT 2 bucket method. clay bar meguiars ultimate compound meguiars ultimate polish Meguiars liquid wax (step3) Results were impressive especially having owned silver and white cars for many years. If anyone wants to suggest anything I am open to any methods techniques or product recommendations especially as this is the first black car I have owned.
  14. Ur right. A lot of admiring glances in my Nismo.......... But my 15 Plate GT Ed Siv. Did attract a lot of attention too. I just think Z cars have lovely lines and are that little bit rarer than the run of the mill TT's etc on the road. So the average Joe is just like WOW
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