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  1. Cornish long weekend

    Conditions of the next meet in June, all the men must have these costumes!
  2. Cornish long weekend

    I got rid of them all though think I need to thank Steve for eating the most
  3. Cornish long weekend

    After last night there was no chance of waking me, I think I went unconscious when I got to bed what a brilliant last night Thank you to you and Sarah for being a part of this fab weekend
  4. Cornish long weekend

    What an amazing weekend, thank you to everyone that came I can't believe how fast those few days went, but we did managed to fit in those cream teas, Cornish pasties and fish & chips A big thank you to Cornish JDM for a great turn out and making us feel so welcome Roll on next year for the next Cornish meet Thanks everyone for a fun weekend, see you all soon
  5. Cornish long weekend

    Don't look like the weathers gonna be that great for the weekend, I don't think I'm not gonna bother cleaning mine have a safe and good journey down. looking forward to meeting you
  6. Cornish long weekend

    Gutted you and Kim can't make it
  7. Cornish long weekend

    That a great walk down to the lizard point, you should of stopped for a cream tea at the cafe, you'll need to share one as the scones are huge, Roskillys is a nice place to visit for ice cream and walks
  8. Cornish long weekend

    If this weekend goes well, I'll be arranging another one around June next year
  9. Cornish long weekend

    I'm so jealous right now !
  10. Cornish long weekend

    That's absolutely fine, if you sort it out and get back to me, we will be there
  11. Cornish long weekend

    Probably when the stores closed, so around 5 ish?
  12. Cornish long weekend

    I was in Porthleven yesterday Tesco will be better than sainsbury for a meet. We might even visit Porthleven for a cream tea
  13. Cornish long weekend

    The website says you can't check in to the caravan until 4pm, please ignore, the caravans will be all ready for whatever time you get here
  14. Cornish long weekend

    There's a shell station off the A30 for Truro, also one at playing place about 15 miles ish from Helston, but off hand I can't of any other at the moment have a a safe trip down and I'll see you Thursday