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  1. Thanks all, I'll do a fluid replacement in the week and get back to you both. Sam
  2. My 2004 350z has just developed a very loud whinning when steering both ways. Since, I've decided not worth driving incase something goes wrong! Belts are fine both tight and also recently replaced. Seems theres bubbles in the steering fluid, looks like Coca-Cola bubbles on the surface no idea if that's normal or not, fluid is at the right level. Cant see any leaks under the car. What should i check? I'm not overly mechanical minded so before i send it to a garage just seeing what you folk suggest i look at. Here's the video. Cheers. Sam
  3. I'm trying to find something ASAP to keep my new ISR single shiny (the backbox and tip) the inside too so that the black soot can be cleaned off easily as well.., if that's possible. I've used autosol on my last car but it never kept the tips nice for any lenght of time.. So I'd like something for protection and longevity. I've come across a product on ebay on a quick search called Dodo Juice metal of honor sealant wax.. Any one have any say or recommendations to something else?
  4. So i own a 2004 350z de. One or 2 of the belts are squeeking on start up, especially if i turn on the air con, but goes away after about 30 seconds.. so what belt/belts need replacing? And can i do it myself? Last resort is send it to the garage but it would be great if i can do the job myself.. Thanks in advance. Sam
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies all, most appreciated
  6. Afternoon all.. Im looking for a nice Y-pipe to go with the TarmacSportz hfc's, and ISR single exit y-back, I'm assuming someone fitted a cheap ebay Y. I'm looking at the AAM Y-pipe, I've read the ISR Ys can have fitting problems... I'm after powergains thus why looking at AAM as they claim around 9bhp Here's some sounds/video i took last night
  7. There you go quick video made this evening. I don't always drive it like this though, very wet tonight unfortunately but adds to the sound i guess
  8. Hi all. Just checking in to say hello, owned my first Z a little over 3 weeks now, here she is. Anyone else around Devon/Cornwall?
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