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  1. Hosted by Taunton Gazette Taunton Racecourse Orchard Portman Taunton TA3 7BL 14th July 9.00 am Entry is free Sorry for the very short notice, but we’ve been invited back to this years show! This year they will be judging vehicles with prizes I need to confirm this as soon as possible, entirely my fault for leaving it to the last minute
  2. I hope ShortPaul doesn’t object to this post Last Saturday Paul suffered a heart attack, thanks to the quick actions of his wife Karen, he was rushed into hospital on time which saved his life. After having two stents fitted he was allowed home yesterday. ShortPaul is a very active member on this forum and attends a lot of car shows and breakfast meets, I’m sure you would all like to join me in wishing him well and let him know we are thinking of him during his long road to recovery. Here’s to a fighting fit 2019 Paul!
  3. Had a brilliant weekend, wouldn’t of missed celebrating your 50th Chris see you all next year, this time I mean it
  4. Great morning and good seeing you all
  5. The weather is looking very good for Sunday
  6. Sorry everyone I’ve had to change the date to the 18th of November
  7. Sorry for the long wait ladies and gents, Weather permitting it would be good to have one last breakfast meet before the rot sets in 18th November 10am Frankie and Bennys Riverside Yate BS37 4FT
  8. Will arrange a breakfast meet for the end of September
  9. Wow! What a fantastic weekend Thank you Andy and Kat for organising and being such brilliant hosts. Absolutely the most enjoyable Zed event yet, it was great to see everyone with their cars. Usual great company and banta. Thanks again Andy for all the hard work putting together this weekend Event, really appreciated,
  10. A big improvement on the last show two year previous Great day with the usual banta But it was a hot one, thank goodness for ice cream and slush drinks Thanks to you all all for making the day an enjoyable one and sticking out that relentless heat
  11. The gates open at 9am We will be leaving Gordano service at 8.30 for anyone who wants to join us. remember your sun cream, it’s gonna be a hot one
  12. Have a safe journey down everyone, really looking forward to seeing you all dont forget your factor 50 zedetts
  13. After the Saturday night session, I'm gonna guess that there’s a good chance most of us won’t be fit to drive until late Sunday afternoon
  14. I’ve got potatoes lots of them
  15. Last chance to get your name down for this free car show, I’m confirming numbers this weekend. also does anyone have any good photos of the last Taunton car show from two years ago they could send me please? The gazette are doing a article next week and have asked me to sends them some pictures of the cars
  16. So far the weather is looking amazing for next weekend
  17. I’ll get on to her again tomorrow
  18. I’ll call her in the morning, she’s probably on the red wine now
  19. The truth is you love my spuds that’s why you’re booking it
  20. Yep, I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes if you ended up in a tent for a week
  21. You’re gonna end up staying in a tent otherwise
  22. Just over a month to go now, really looking forward to it
  23. I’ll be confirming the booking tomorrow, looking forward to the first breakfast meet this season
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