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  1. Can anyone advise if the Nismo cat back exhaust will fit straight onto a standard 370Z roadster, or does it need any modifications? Thanks Rob
  2. Yep sports mode engaged. Sounds like this was just a problem with this car.
  3. Agree,as I said in the original post, I will not be buying this one. Didn't see it was a press hack until doing a bit of googling. Just wanted to know if the clutch and gearbox changes are harsh normally. If so I will wait for an auto.
  4. The car had done 74,000 Kms. To me it seemed like the clutch was either in or out no smooth transition making the change harsh. Also on the website which is similar to our AutoT, they have a press review and guess what, just seen this car was the Press hack. This could well explain the whole transmission issue if it was hammered from new as I guess the Press could not care less about running in a new car.
  5. Just test driven a manual 370Z Roadster down here in Spain. My UK car was an auto, nice and smooth and great when using paddles. This manual car seemed very jerky when driving, particularly changing from 1-2 and 2-3rd, seemed to bang in and out with the clutch very harsh. Is this normal with the manuals? I will not be buying this one, but interested to know if this is what I should expect from all manuals. I will look for an auto if so, although they are incredibly rare down here.
  6. On my previous 370, I did WD40 then light oil the hinges, it did make a difference, but I did assist it by holding the middle of the bonnet on the side it caught when opening.
  7. Yes, we do 6 months in each place. Had a classic down here, but owning for 18yrs and loving the FType I decided to sell the Pagoda, bank a bit and get something more modern and it has to be another Z for Spain.
  8. Thanks Matt, Always a difficult one this as being forum members we always hear about the problems. There must be many other models that use the same gearbox and slave cylinders, does make me wonder whether I should wait for an auto, but 370s are so rare in Spain and autos even rarer. Rob
  9. Looking now at a 370Z Roadster to leave in Spain for when I am down here. A local car in white, my favourite colour has just come on the market. One problem is that the bonnet just catches the A pillars on both sides. My old 370 had this issue but just on one side and if I supported the bonnet half way along it cleared. It had been back to Nissan for adjustment to no avail. Nissan said the hinges are not strong enough particularly when they get a bit older and stiffer? Is this a common problem and is there any real adjustment? Also did the 370s have the c
  10. Okay, I feared that response. A 370 has just come up at a good price, local and in my favourite colour of white. My attention is now on that, but it does have one issue also. The bonnet just catches the A pillars on both sides. Will post on the 370 forum about that.
  11. I am looking at buying another 350Z Roadster to leave in Spain for when we are down there. I have found a mint, one owner, 2007 car, full Nissan S/H with receipts and done just over 30,000 miles. At around 12,000 miles there was a service note about oil consumption to be checked at next service, then nothing else noted on the service receipts. Is it likely that engines settle down once fully run in? What is the real cause for excessive consumption on the Rev up engines? Thanks Rob
  12. I guess the advantage is the 350z actually has an oil pressure guage so you can see any problem early.
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