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  1. Look on the bright side, pre trip problems can be sorted properly and cheaper than during a trip! Still sucks when things go wrong though, good luck with it Nick.
  2. If he had a sporty car with decent tyres and brakes he probably would have been further up the road so no need to brake !!!
  3. Be good to see you guys again, i hope we can all see some sights. Stylz i dont think we are staying at the busby this year.
  4. Pete, that's really good to hear, the best possible outcome, give our best wishes to Caroline.
  5. Bob, do you ever sit still???? Your mods seem to happen every day !!!
  6. Chris this is an insane build and that wiring ....... Just our of interest, how many colours are you going to use,green, blue and red so far!
  7. Another in the growing list of (soon to be) former Z owners on here. Good luck
  8. It's a horrible time but it does sound as if they caught it early so heres hoping both you and Caroline keep positive through the next couple of months and Carolije makes a fast and full recovery. our thoughts are with you.
  9. Love that colour as well, is this your next mod then Bob???
  10. Just transfer to whatever you replace it with, expensive for one month but ensures you keep ncb.
  11. Booked for Saturday night, be good to see everyone.
  12. Thanks Will, a detour worth going for, really hoping it doesn't snow !!! I have been told I can't fit chains because of lowering.
  13. Thanks guys, I think the socks and shovel etc sound wise, if it looks too bad I guess I will have to rethink my plans but the pass is my main reason for going.
  14. I'm going to drive stelvio pass in ten days time and as it's getting to the end of the season so im slightly worried about snow, i should be driving it middle of the day but thinking i should take snow chains to be safe. The problem is ive got tein lowering springs so 15mm less clearance, any suggestions, i dont really want to put winter tyres on if i can avoid it because i will be sorning the car from Nov - March.
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