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  1. Yep it’s been in storage since Sep 2016 and hopefully shipping it out to me in Australia early next year
  2. Mudman

    17" JDM Wheels

    Hmmm may be a problem as the wheels are in the UK and I'm in the South Pacific and the garage about to be cleared - These are stock wheels, normally not huge demand so GBP 35.00 is the right price as I just want them gone and prefer to go to someone on here rather than the skip which is where they will go. They are too good to skip. Just check me out with the other moderators - they should know me that I am an honest bloke from the meets and previous forum activity - so asking to make an exception in this case or they get trashed. Does the attached work ? Also would go for donation to charity as it not about the cash just another owner getting the benefit then I guess technically they are no longer for sale ?
  3. Mudman

    17" JDM Wheels

    Hi All Yes I am still alive ! Yes I still have the Zed No I have seen it for 18 months ! Yes it is coming to Australia ! And in the meantime am cleaning out the garage before the next tenants move in and need to move on the JDM wheels that came on the car before the Rays went on. They were completley refurbed in ghost metallic black then only used for a few months. Not sure on the tyres as they have been in storage for about 3 years. GPB 35.00 or nearest offer Pic below of the wheel on the car and they are in North Wootton, Kings Lynn, pick up only Cheers Rob
  4. Have a few trips to Singapore planned but that is classed as home these days ( just got my dependents pass !) these days so not sure if that counts as a holiday - will be heading back for GP weekend in September then we are off to Japan for a weeks but via a cruise where apparently there is a day trip to Russia included.
  5. Well its 18:46 in Port Moresby and been reading this in the bath on my IPad and without doubt one of the most entertaining threads I have read for yonks. 9 pages of pure gold. Glad to hear the father is now doing well albeit a few kilos lighter. From a person who's had 3 sets of kidney stones over the years I truly sympathise but as the old adage goes, don't laugh if it hurts too
  6. I celebrate the JDMness of my Fairlady! Tried purposely to keep it true to nature of it birth but quite agree the satnav is shitehouse
  7. Apols for the missed wedding invites - although its was Singapore - did manage 2 from the UK however! If you are ever in Singapore that like home base these these days when not in PNG - let me know especially around the SG GP time
  8. Just got a Sony VR from the Mrs - really enjoying it although 30 mins is about the max. Just taster games really to show what it can do. Also playing Final fantasy VII now its available on PS4
  9. 34 today...too hot. Hi Zedders Seems ages since my last post before the move over here but am alive and well, well sort of - just getting over Hooping Cough.. Yes 52 years old and was vaccinated but still got it and its bloody awful - any parents of young kids get the vaccine I can see why this is a kid killer. Anyhow quick update on me - been in PNG now for a few months, the Zed is safely tucked up in storage in the UK and at some stage will ship it over to Australia as those of you that have met my other half know shes an Aussie and we are now married. Port Moresby is the last place you would expect to see a Zed of any type but there is a older 370Z buzzing about also seen the Skyline GT 4 seater. Theres a a load of old Nissans with Skyline on the rear and this place is a bit of a dumping ground for old JDMs but can't say I have seen any of them before. Most have at least one smashed in window as Moresby is a bit Wild West and still a lot of car jackings. Had one attempted one so far when some guy jumped on the back of my UTR ( I have a Ford Ranger over here) but managed to shake him off before he reached the cab. Enjoying the Zed Substitute (Yamaha Waverunner) but missing the Zed terribly - Its funny how much time you spend on things and once you can't thers a hole. Just got back from Japan which was amazing and saw the Mario Cart thing so thats a must do on the next trip. Go karting around Tokyo city centres on public roads dressed as Mario or Luigi. Awesome. Grabbed a Sony VR so working through Drive Club VR - first impressions are impressive. No firm plans as yet on a UK visit hopefully August next year - plan is to drag the Zed out for a few weeks and sort out the export details. Belated Happy New Year to all Rob
  10. When I have tried the multi quote sites they quoted bog standard no mods so if you have mods make sure they are declared
  11. Its always worth putting in a letter to the local Constabulary claiming that pursuing the prosecution is not in the public interest - and this was a genuine misunderstanding. If you have a clean license, no accident history you could might get lucky - its the price of a stamp after all
  12. I have a Horsham kit, idle seemed more regular but also fitted for cosmetic value - but as a result - I won the lottery and ditched the wife for a supermodel and we now spend the weekends on our yacht in Monte Carlo. That scenario is far more likley then 10-15 BHP gains !
  13. Mudman

    One for Dan

    OK I'll be the first to admit it - My leased 2014 Honda Civic does not get much love so whenever theres an issue I tend to put it off and keep putting it off. Last few weeks noticed a small wobble in the steering around 50mph - nothing major but got a lot worse last few days. On checking the wheels earlier today noticed the edge of the O/S tyre (Michelin) was almost touching cloth so to speak. So a quick trip to the local tyre fitter ensued. He checked all tyres and the problem wasn't tracking - seems there were small cuts in both front tyres and over time waters has seeped into the tyre - and athough there was plenty of tread on them its resulted in an uneven tyre surface causing the wobble - anyhow 20 minutes and 2 new tyres later and all fixed and no more wobble. Never come across that before although I can believe it as the road to work especially the Fakenham - Wells stretch is full of flinty stones - 4 windscreens in 7 years so I guess shouldnt be surprised.
  14. Used AA and RAC and same same - always OK. Currently with Green Flag and not used - Zeds being reliable as always !
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