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  1. As Alex mentioned, your oil consumption is below the normal amount stated by Nissan. Therefore it's not in any way defective, and you should have a clear conscience not mentioning it in your advert. You're making it sound like there's a problem there when there isn't one.
  2. I made a quick guide on this which might be of some use:
  3. If you just have stock cats, the Milltek will be exceptionally quiet. Like, quieter than OEM. I had one for a few months and got rid of it to get something that was at least slightly louder than OEM (Ark Grip). If you have HFCs, the Milltek will sound great, and be at a good volume.
  4. Today I learned the HR steering wheel illuminates!
  5. No warranty because it's a "sports car"? Hahahha walk away, walk away. Dodgy dealers are plentiful, but many of them do a better job of hiding it until they have your money. What dealer is it?
  6. Not sure if this is relevant in any way, but have those suspension spacers used when shipping been removed from your suspension? If not, it might affect ride quality. More info: http://www.the370z.com/new-nismo-370z-owner/13517-attention-all-nismo-370z-owners-please-check-your-suspension.html
  7. colesl4w

    Quiet decats

    Whoops, just noticed this is the 370z sub - my answer previously applies to the 350z.
  8. colesl4w

    Quiet decats

    I've heard from others that the Ark Grip + HFC / Decats are way too loud and ruin the sound of the system. I've an Ark Grip myself and wouldn't consider adding them.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Good job it didn't completely catch fire and damage your house / another car etc.
  10. Look at the description of this ad - just a little bit sketchy? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201808309988460
  11. Could you stop by a police station and ask them to test it? If they say it's illegal then get the dealer to remove?
  12. Hopefully you're able to get some documentation from the manufacturer. My Ark Grip literally had the statement "Not for road use" somewhere on the box.



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