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  1. Just so no one else gets caught out by this dodgy dealer, Greg Johnson is now trading under the name FTR Performance.
  2. The car beeped? It'll beep if you try to hit lock while the door is open.
  3. An old guy who accidentally has a plate which spells "Pee Orgy" lmao.
  4. I think it's important to consider that some of the negativity you might be receiving while driving your Z might be completely unrelated to the fact that you're driving a Z. However, if you have the pre-conceived notion that people might be negative towards your Z, you'll attribute any negativity you get, to your Z. I'd say looking back over my last few years of ownership I've had much more positive than negative attention. It's certainly an attention grabbing car. Children either don't notice it or absolutely love it - I've had kids embarrassing their parents by running over and asking me to rev it - that happens quite often. Teenage chavs are a mixed bag, and probably the only ones I've ever received any negative attention from, though nothing significant at all. I just put it down to them either being jealous or just trying to show off in front of their mates. I had one chav shout over "NAH I DONT LIKE YOUR CAR MATE", which I took as a complement to be honest. I've found dads and older adults will stare in interest quite a bit. I've had older adults talk to me about it a few times, usually asking what it is and being shocked that it's such a relatively old car, always very positive. Of course, if you're driving like a dick then everyone's going to think you're a dick. But that goes for any car.
  5. Have to agree with the others - I'm not sure you'll have much of a chance getting a replacement / money back, unfortunately.
  6. As Alex mentioned, your oil consumption is below the normal amount stated by Nissan. Therefore it's not in any way defective, and you should have a clear conscience not mentioning it in your advert. You're making it sound like there's a problem there when there isn't one.
  7. I made a quick guide on this which might be of some use:
  8. If you just have stock cats, the Milltek will be exceptionally quiet. Like, quieter than OEM. I had one for a few months and got rid of it to get something that was at least slightly louder than OEM (Ark Grip). If you have HFCs, the Milltek will sound great, and be at a good volume.
  9. Today I learned the HR steering wheel illuminates!
  10. No warranty because it's a "sports car"? Hahahha walk away, walk away. Dodgy dealers are plentiful, but many of them do a better job of hiding it until they have your money. What dealer is it?
  11. Not sure if this is relevant in any way, but have those suspension spacers used when shipping been removed from your suspension? If not, it might affect ride quality. More info: http://www.the370z.com/new-nismo-370z-owner/13517-attention-all-nismo-370z-owners-please-check-your-suspension.html
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    Quiet decats

    Whoops, just noticed this is the 370z sub - my answer previously applies to the 350z.





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