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  1. I’m reluctantly selling my cherished 2004 Z GT in azure blue with 84k miles and full, service history. I’ve owned it here in the New Forest for nigh on 6 years and it’s certainly the best car I’ve ever owned; fast, safe and a real driver’s car! The previous owner had it for nearly 6 years before I bought it from him through the club. The car has always been kept in either a garage or car port by myself and the last owner. She has been polished, waxed and Dodo Juiced regularly. It’s been mainly used as a weekend car, hence the reasonable mileage. Since owning the car I’ve had a new cl
  2. N13GEY

    My 911

    What a fab selection of motors! I love em all!
  3. Just seen your post. 2 things: I would always use a portable garage, one where the cover does not touch the car. From personal experience I did use a purpose made cover on another car (not a Zed!) and when the wind blew under the cover, over time some scratching occurred. Not good! If your looking to save a few bob on cleaning products, Halfords do a Wash and Go product in a 20 L plastic container for around a tenner. Brill for day to day washes!
  4. I sympathise. If you were in the New Forest near me we’ve a couple. Suggest ask your local moderator for suggestions. Good luck!
  5. For me, its gotta be a 370. Once driven, MUST be owned!
  6. Lovely "new" motor. Your personalised plate to go on?
  7. I love it! A good opportunity to drool over the cars you LOVE yet cant afford|!
  8. Is your pic the result of Halfords liquid?
  9. I did a trawl recently as to the best "wash n go" product for everyday use to keep the Zed looking pristine. Up came a product from Halfords- Car Wash and Wax! Not only is it inexpensive, around a tenner and does a good job. Have been successfully using it for some weeks now. Its worth a go before Dodo juicing!
  10. I've been using Michelin Pilot Sport 3's. A good tyre, quiet and long lasting.
  11. Nice one, Androlyn! Watch out for the suntan when the hood's down! Welcome to the Zed.
  12. Welcome to the club! Just watch those speed humps, their lethal!
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