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  1. Hi guys, Been a while but a massive upgrade is in progress. Things that are getting addressed are Gear box upgrade with Transgo kit Gear box cooler Oil cooler Mishimoto radiator with Mishimoto fan shroud Mishimoto silicon horse kit All coolers are fitted with sensors and wired back up to the LINK G4 The work is currently in progress and its all done by Abbey Motorsport. Massive thanks to Mark and his team.
  2. Led reverse bumper lights Got a delivery courtesy of Torqen. Thanks @Adrian@TORQEN for the prompt service as usual. The lights were a perfect fit and are very good quality Need to take the bumper fully off. While I had it off decided to clean / wire brush a bit of rust which was there and spray the underside with some hammerite silver direct to metal. Decided to wire everything up perfectly with connectors so, if I need to disconnect in the future it will be easy. Also took the opportunity and wired up a reverse camera since I had the bumper off and connected it all up to the reverse signals to switch on. Since mine is a JDM the rear fog lights are hard wired externally and come as a individual set of wires. Decided to wire it as running lights to the cluster so that I can switch it on when needed. Final setup 1. White Led : Reverse lights 2. Red Led : Running lights as fogs (Slightly dimmed red) 3. Red Led : Brake lights (Running lights get brighter if they were on) 4. Orange Led: Signal lights (Turning and emergency) Very happy with how it all turned out.
  3. Power steering cooler upgrade Got the Stillen kit from Torqen. Cracking kit with perfect fitment. Thanks @Adrian@TORQEN Here are the pictures fitted on the car. Fits on the factory mount points, no fabrication needed.
  4. NRG quick release mod Adding a NRG hub to a Works bell hub and Sparco wheel needs some modding as the cables for the horn dont fit straight out of the box. I had to build a few adopters using clips and wires Final assembled the full setup I also got some Neo chrome NRG screws to go with the install. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. The carbon effect on the hub goes well with the carbon on the Works bell paddles.
  5. Did a couple of small mods. Since my car is JDM decided to swap the center gauges to UK miles cluster. All installed and working Next up was door sill refurbishment I used some trim tools to remove it. Still managed to snap a few clips Primed then using etch primer Painted them gloss black after that Had to use some double sided tape on the bottom to compensate for the broken clips when I installed it back in. That is all for for this weekend folks. Hope everyone had a good one.
  6. Adding the head liner back in. This week I have slowly been refreshing the headliner that I took off. Cleaned it fully using upholstery cleaner. Replaced the bulbs Fitted it all back in. It was not straightforward as the cage was in. Had to trim the edges to get it fit correctly. Trimmed edges Need to get some edgings to finish it off. I dont have any with me yet. Next up need to refresh the door sills. That's the plan for the weekend.
  7. Yes this is true. I thought about swapping to a manual before I started all this. But the car has a lot of sentimental value to me, which was one of the reasons I decided to go ahead with it. Thinking about it afterwards I was pretty glad as its pretty unique in that regard.
  8. Manged to do couple of small things this morning. Refurbished the dead pedal Refurbished the Bose amp and installed it back in, at least now the 2 door speakers are back in action. Need to relocate and make some custom fittings for the rear speakers and the sub woofer.
  9. Took it to Abbey 2 weeks back and got it fully mapped using the Link. Green is before, Red is after.
  10. Tons of future plans. Just getting started. Things on my list. Radiator upgrade Oil cooler with braided lines and sensors wired to ECU Transmission cooler and sensors wired to ECU Valve body upgrade to the gear box Vortech supercharger kit BBK upgrade (Not sure which kit yet) Probably start on body kit upgrades after that. Not decided which way to go on that yet.
  11. Hi all, I have been lurker on this site for while and haven't posted any content. Mainly due to being lazy and not having time. Finally decided to collect all the pictures I have taken along the way of my 350z build and will post it here. Hope you guys like it. I got the Z as a gift from my wife 2.5 years ago. A lot has changed in her since the time I got it. I will try and list all the things I have done so far in chronological order. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of everything at the time they were done, I will upload all that I have to give as much detail as possible. List of mods (So far) Full service with all gaskets and sumps changed. (Engine oil sump, gearbox sump and oil ) Full suspension upgrade with drift works kit (True coil overs with spring delete) HSD MonoPro Coilovers Diftworks camber arms (Front and Rear) Driftworks traction rods Hardrace lower arm (Needed for spring delete) White line roll bars front and rear Cusco strut bar Torqen decats Short RAM intake Fully striped interior Works bell paddle shift kit Sparco steering wheel Sparco Rev seats Takata drift 3 harnesses Link G4 ECU Link lambda can sensors Custom half roll cage Fully painted and refurbished interior Kinetix intake manifold Hitachi throttle body
  12. Hi I recently did a full flush and replacement on mine. I used CASTROL TRANSMAX Z. Here is the spec sheet : https://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/5318889C4CDA883380257C990001D228/$File/BPXE-9H7QZ8.pdf Its similar to Nissan where Matic Fluid D which is used by our cars. Been running it for almost 6 months now with zero issues. Hope this helps.





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