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  1. Yeah. Got one of these Bluetooth ones on the way
  2. Cheers buddy, looking forward to the uprev to take advantage of these small mods. Some may say even tasteful lol. Wish I could just turn off the post cat sensors for now myself until the remap. I am getting bloody good at the pedal dance now though!
  3. Shoot @14N a private message mate. I think bearing the current circumstances we may have to wait a while ;-)
  4. Hey Team! Hope you are all OK and your families are hanging in there too, what a bloody palava... Anywho, back to the 350. So, Tarmac very kindly sent some Berk HFCs down, had the joy of fitting these on me tod on the drive with axle stands on a 70k 350. Great fun lol. H Dev also sent down their plenum kit which I fit yesterday. I've run the car with just HFCs and all together with the spacer, get the same P codes, it feels like with the spacer on it takes a little longer to come on. So a little help, I know all these codes are basically post cat related, however I can't find info which tells me what 'bank' refers to which cat, i.e. Driver or passenger side. The same code always comes up: P0037 which bloody cat is this lol, I'm guessing it's the passenger side? On one drive I did get a cocktail of codes: P0037 P0159 P1167 But now I'm just getting the 0037... Its weird how both sides are symmetrical, so I would assume I'd get a code of each post cat 02 sensor, so maybe one of the sensors is actually dodge? But then they were working fine on the OEM ones. I've done my reading, I've spoken to H Dev and REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go get the UPREV map, but Boris closed my favourite garage. Bastard. I did think about the steel wool trick, but the berks have anti fowlers built in, and don't really fancy a bodge on my car. Anywho, kind of a catch up, slash some questions in there. Hope your all good, looking forward to hearing you all say I shouldn't have ****ed with it in the first place
  5. Its a slick look buddy. I like the trim on your boot matt too. I've not had the Z 2 months yet. First mission is to get her tip top. I've repaired and painted the seats, sorted airbag and ABS lights. Hoping to hear from @14N soon!
  6. Nice one buddy. Didn't realise you could get that carbon effect with a hyrdodip! I've got a sunset Z with black interior. Wondering what divider combo to ask @14N for...
  7. @14N dropped you a PM. These look GREAT! Martin where did you get your rear brace cover from. That's lovely!
  8. How much does this assembly break down buddy. Are the joints or mechanism arms available separately or do you have to buy the whole assembly? Do you have a website or link? Would like to stay local on the forum
  9. Evening all, happy sat! Right, had all the cowling off, drivers side arm was an absolute b***h, had to modify an eBay puller to actually pop it off the threads.... Anyway, onwards! So in the pictures I'm pointing at the drivers side arm coupling joint. Or what ever it's called. Looks like there was once a nice rubberised cushion/clip in there, which is now worn and allows for a LOAD of left to right play. There is a small bit of play on the passenger side, but very little and this doesn't affect the stopping point of the arms...
  10. Nice one buddy, thanks again for the link to our resident detailer. Checking them both out. I took a £6 punt on some turtle wax hydrophobic sealant spray. Bloody great stuff! Applied it wet as a drying aid this time. The water is still beading off a week later. Not bad for £6
  11. Spot on. Screw the washing up tonight. Ill be outside
  12. Amazing quick reply buddy. Ill pop the cover off and take a look inside. See if anything jumps out at me
  13. Hey team, Have been driving around in the rain using the wipers allot recently. I noticed on the way home the drivers side wiper is over extending and hitting the the painted pillar. Its actually chipped the paint. Its about half and half but somtimes the wiper stops in the correct position and on full chat it goes past this point. Checked the arm bolt was tight, the passenger side has zero play, however the the drivers side can be moved about 2 inches from its resting position. Anyone had this before?





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