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  1. Hey chaps and chapettes, After a set of 20mm front and 25mm rear spacers. Going on my stock 18inch rays... Thanks in advance!
  2. Evening all! So here goes, bare with me... **PICTURES OF FINISHED PROJECT AT THE BOTTOM** As discussed above, I had purchased a set of Alezan orange seats (Stock) to replace the black set that came with the car. The orange seats were showing some pretty visible wear, but the golden ticket was that they had no rips or tears... The black set were worn, however a great thread by @HEADPHONES pointed me in the direction of Angelus leather dye. This is an easy, quick fix for worn black interior and I highly recommend taking a look. That thread can be found here: https://
  3. Cheers for the support guys! Very happy with the results so far, thank you again to all that helped with advice. A little update, I'm half way through the drivers seat. Took aggggges to prep, but I've applied the first few coats of color. Hopefully get this seat finished over the weekend. Then I can focus on the write up!
  4. Evening all. I know i won't be able to get the full write up straight away. So I thought I'd share some progress. Passenger seat has just had its final coat of finish (semi-matt). Will leave it a day or two, then spray over with the aerosol sealant. Onto the driver seat now. Wish me luck.
  5. Evening all, happy Friday. So the package from Furniture Clinic arrived. Took a week, not bad at all, and I had to send the headrest off for a color sample. I've included some pictures of the seats before any work starts. They have been wiped down with a cloth before and taped up. Just in time for the weekend... Massive shout out to Ricey, super helpful at a moments notice. I guess its now just wish me luck Keep you updated along the way!
  6. I love that the buggy has a better dash than any Z Great work mate! And beb!
  7. Spot on lads. Thanks for the Ricey nudge. I've seen him mentioned in several threads. Ill go look him up on insta! Just buzzing now to get these seats. Anyone know if there is 'spare leather' on the underside on the seats to cut off and send as a sample? Not really sure how I'm going to get a color match without sending a headrest lol. In the mean time. I did come across these guys. https://www.colourlock.com/colourlock-leather-repair-kit-with-leather-dye.html I follow forensic detailing on YouTube, and these guys are always doing stuff together. Looks
  8. Ah the man himself! Mate just want to say thanks for posting about the Angelus dye. Really sorted my black seats! I've been hammering the search, but its not massively forthcoming in results. This thread is a bang on write up. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/81278-new-seats-sort-of/ Buffalo products are mentioned again. So deffo leaning towards them. As my seats will be out the car. Thought its the best time to restore now. Avoid overspray etc. I'm reasonably handy. Engines and exhausts etc I'm fine. Ill be taking my time and resea
  9. Hey team, hope your all good. So, to start, owned a Z for coming up to a year now. Can't stop spending money. LOVE this forum. With the bodyshop pushing me back a 3rd time (we both agreed to this) I'm focusing over lockdown on the leather interior. Car sporting original black steering wheel and seats. Its an orange Z, so I feel she deserves the Alezan interior. Spent Friday installing a really good condition Alezan bottom steering wheel. I've got two Alezan seats on the way (thanks paisley freight). So now the fun begins, they will need a light t
  10. Evening all, Exactly like the title says, I was driving to H Dev for some exhaust work when the Z decided to throw a wobbly. Its had zero issues since purchase. Running Berks, plenum and uprev. Pulling onto the motorway, foot down 5th pull the car immediately started to hesitate and climbed slowly in smooth and jittering lumps. (Best way I could describe it) No codes thrown, oil pressure, voltage, temp all normal. Somehow and probably very foolishly i limped it to H Dev. It sat fine weirdly at 70 on cruise. But where the car had to change load a
  11. Thanks guys, spot on. I assume one of the previous owners made this mistake when fitting new gas struts. Luckily it hasn't damaged the car. There are some marks but the bodywork hasn't deformed on the other side...
  12. Hey all! Right I need some help. Since I've had the car I've noticed (looking from the rear forwards) the right hand side of the tail gate is higher/out of alignment. Noticed this today. (See pics) I have a suspicion feeling the right hand side strut bracket is the wrong way up. The bend should be facing up like the left, not down. Can anyone tell me which is right? Thanks so much in advance!
  13. Hey Adrian, Spot on buddy thanks. PM'D
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