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  1. Nice one buddy, thanks again for the link to our resident detailer. Checking them both out. I took a £6 punt on some turtle wax hydrophobic sealant spray. Bloody great stuff! Applied it wet as a drying aid this time. The water is still beading off a week later. Not bad for £6
  2. Spot on. Screw the washing up tonight. Ill be outside
  3. Amazing quick reply buddy. Ill pop the cover off and take a look inside. See if anything jumps out at me
  4. Hey team, Have been driving around in the rain using the wipers allot recently. I noticed on the way home the drivers side wiper is over extending and hitting the the painted pillar. Its actually chipped the paint. Its about half and half but somtimes the wiper stops in the correct position and on full chat it goes past this point. Checked the arm bolt was tight, the passenger side has zero play, however the the drivers side can be moved about 2 inches from its resting position. Anyone had this before?
  5. Hey jack thanks for the link! Checking him out now!!! Spot on advice, the car was super clean when i bought her but shes not been treated, i can tell looking at the water beading after all this rain. Whats your favourite products?
  6. Spot on buddy, i really appreciate all that information. Those links are great! Praise the lord its my birthday in march. Dont think ive ever had such a long list of items I really wasnt aware of how much decom/fallout a car can require. Safe to say youve set the standard bud!
  7. What an absolute dream to have received and owned that vehicle from new buddy! I started life as a two wheel kinda guy, lucky enough to get a '15 triumph stripple R from the dealer. I can only imagine what picking the Z up must have felt like. Especially in its rowdy Nismo format. I now have a shopping list, lets hope I can find all the parts as genuine Nismo... Anyway, agreed that orange imo is to die for, I genuinely feel more confident after all you guys encouragement, so I'm going full daily responsibility mode captain! I was blabbing on about autoglym all day at work today, then someone showed me auto finesse.. From my understanding so far washing the car is as follows? Rinse Pre Wash - Snow foam etc... Wash - Car shampoo (sponge or mitt...) Dry Polish (this is where you used your triple?) Seal (use your hydrophobic spray sealant?)
  8. Well, i'll sleep allot better tonight after reading this. Thanks mate sound advice. Now I'm looking up autoglym and auto finesse reviews That picture though, absolute credit to you. THOSE RIMS! So what have you done to the outside of your Z? V1 wing Rear spats Have you got the v1 side trims and front lip/bumper?
  9. Haha, almost definitely find that folding garage half way down the street. I did see one that comes with securing plates you drive onto...
  10. Thanks mate, contacted the seller and actually looked in the pictures. Logo and part number underneath! What do you guys recon these are worth second hand? Think the seller wants at least 100
  11. hicksi

    Twisting Gear Nob

    Just checking in guys. The particular knob i have, the top of the threaded shifter shaft contacts a rubber 'stop' up inside the knob. This is slightly worn, so the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,R are upside down when its 'tight'. I shoved two small washers up inside the knob and these have packed in to the point the numbers are the right way up now. Thanks for the advice, went out for a spin, knob seems good. Now I have a flashing airbag light. ffs
  12. Legend davey! Is this your item? Looks in good condotion i guess there isnt really anyway to tell if its genuine nismo? How much do you recon thats worth? All ive found on ebay is copies https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133006476875
  13. Evening all, Starting to get the idea these are hard to come by. I'd take a copy but if there's a genuine/nismo i'm interested. Any color, but even better if its orange!
  14. Cheers jack, Agreed id want the car clean and dry every time it goes under. Its gonna be the daily so not sure that would be practical. Anyone know any good sources to get a folding garage?





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