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  1. So before we start, yes this is an ebay special OCC. Bought a few to check out the design, this one is internally baffled, sealed with o rings blah blah. Testing it over the next few weeks. Anyway with the strut bar and engine cover off i found this... Btw. 06 DE engine. 73k on the clocks. Should i be concerned? Ive read about oil gallery Gaskets etc etc. But my oil pressure is stable and consistent. Never had any issues... Nothing on the ground in the morning...
  2. Hey team, Trying to find a velocity stack airbox. Beleive 06 onwards? For a DE. Thanks in advance!
  3. So sorry mate. Will get this up shortly
  4. Hey Team, Jusy clearing the garage, and my Z isnt blue... All these parts will need attention before paint. Please check the pictures as some are cracked or badly scuffed. Rear bumper and side skirts are poly. Front bumper is frp. 100 for the lot. Open to offers. Down in dorset. Take care x
  5. Hey Team, Happy bank holiday, hope your all well! So recently popped off to HDev for an Uprev. HDev Plenum Berk HFCS Miltek Cat Back Took the 350DE out for its first spin since driving home from HDev and threw an EML P1283. A/F sensor 1 (b2) From initial research looks like its either Faulty sensor Air Leak Hdev suggested an initial reset and to monitor. As for the work, ive fit everything myself. The plenum was installed using only the gasket supplied, no RTV and all bolt torqued to spec. Whats everyones thoughts? I thought as the car has just been mapped this could be throwing the eml? Or does a tune not work like that in relation to the sensors? Car was driving fine for about 2 months with the plenum before the tune. Certainly no P1283 code, so im reluctant to take it all appart again. Any input is greatly appreciated Thanks team!
  6. Hey team, hope you and your families are well! Jusy ran a search for 'exhaust compatability'. Nothing returned lol. So running a full miltek with berk hfcs. Love the sound, but on the more frivolous drives i do often crave a little more volume. My question relatea to the cross play of the exhaust systems out there, possibly more specific to the back box. Do most exhausts have the same coupling locations, orientations etc so you might be able to run say berk hfcs, miltek y pipe and a cobra back box? In my position it would be easier and more convinient just to swap a back box over say the summer months etc etc. Just wondering if anyone had similar experience with this. Cheers in advance team!
  7. Hey gents. Bit of deep water thread revival. Hope your all well! Hust thought I'd pitch in, just finished painting the centre console and upgrading to an Xtrons, iso mod yada yada... I purchased the ebay generic incartec style facia plate. I looked around and from the pictures, any 350z specific facia plate available in the UK is the same. Fits the dash perfectly but not an Xtrons unit. I beleive if your running say a jvc or pioneer it would fit perfectly, but xtrons make their units larger for some reason. I did purchase a specific 'universal' xtrons facia plate. Its just square that I think is meant for a cage install as it doesn't have any screw fixings like the Z one... I've given up for now. Can't find one. Can't make one. It's such a shame. How's the foam looking? Anyone found the magic part yet? Would love to fill that gap.
  8. Hey Team, Scratching my head currently, and trying to refrain from buying every available plate on ebay to see if it fits... Bought a 7inch xtrons double din head unit. 17.6cm accross the width of the front. 10.1cm accross the height of the front. Got a scosche double din plate and its just a bit too small. It won't fit around the front of the unit. Anyone got any ideas. Knows of one that fits... Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hey team, hope your all ok. Question. Is it possible to buy the silver rings that surround the tripple guages? I'm painting the dash and only got one out intact. Womp... Or even anyone got any used/spare?
  10. Here here Stu, I became heavily invested when the hammers came out. I have a degree in smashing things
  11. Thats good to know buddy cheers. Ill take another look before buying paint. Think i might struggle to get it done professionally at the moment.
  12. I was leaning this way bud. But I do really like the OEM look... Plus I heard after a while, heat/sun on the dash can undoo your hard work?





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