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  1. I've decided to go for a new one....sorry bud.
  2. Thanks for the info guys 👍
  3. Hi guys. Has anyone got one of these knocking around, mines just about to break. Thanks in advance
  4. Any idea of the total cost?, Would I need to buy the parts from Nissan
  5. could it be a worn synchro ring on 4th ? and would new oil + molyslip help
  6. Hi Guys. The gearbox grinds when changing from 4th to 5th at speed, if I am driving normal it doesn't do it and goes into gear really easy but as soon as I am doing a bit of speed and at high revs it grinds, does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advance.
  7. I met him twice in his home village of Cark-in-Cartmel....sad loss :-(
  8. Thanks bud The key starts the car, but the buttons don't do anything, I'll go to Timpsons, it's worth a try
  9. Hi Guys. the central locking buttons have suddenly stopped working on the key fob, tried a new battery, I did sit on it accidentally and it bleeped a few times, but since then..nothing. Any idea's . Thanks in advance
  10. just finished doing mine, but first I used this for a cleaner look
  11. just finished doing mine, but first I used this for a cleaner look
  12. Cheers bud, but can't see where you put the code in there website?
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