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  1. Black 56 plate crossing tower bridge with a single exit exhaust crossing tower bridge just now
  2. z21

    350z Headlights Wanted

    I believe that there are some aftermarket ones in the for sale section at the moment, otherwise zmanalex would be able to help you out
  3. Really looking forward to British GT, DTM and Blancpain this year. Work should hopefully be sending me to some of the classic events too, whislt they don’t feature the most amazing drivers the machinery there is pure pornography
  4. OE53XXX Very tidy Zer spotted in the car park at the members meeting! I hope you managed to escape the mud!!
  5. Im the same when I’ve got the dog in the car! Nope was just having dinner with a mate, I’m up there quite a lot as Work brings me to Silverstone pretty regularly!
  6. Opposite 185 in Towcester about 6pm, thanks for letting me out of that junction!!
  7. That was me! I’ve only seen a couple round this neck of the woods, nice zed matey!
  8. I just don't really see the point.. if you want F1 levels of performance why not just buy an F1 car? As a common man, I highly doubt it's a dilemma that I'll ever face!
  9. It it were me it would be either a 997 or more realistically a 981with a pdk gearbox as it is absolutely sublime. The current gen evoras are decent cars, even though lotus seem to insist on releasing a new variant on a weekly basis! Other than that all I can think of is the F-Type or perhaps a corvette?
  10. Hi Paul, Please don't take this as me attempting to scupper your sale - quite the opposite. Just to make you aware, there is currently a large number of counterfeit Takata belts on the market which may be why nobody appears to be biting on this. To put a potential purchaser at ease, I recommend posting a picture of the FIA homologation label and hologram to demonstrate that this is a genuine product. I've attached a sample image below. Since 2013, the FIA has mandated that many safety devices (belts, race suits, helmets, fuel bladders, HANS etc) must carry an FIA hologram. This is to fight counterfeiting and to ensure manufacturers consistently produce quality products to protect consumers. Statement regarding counterfeit belts on the Takata website here: https://www.takataracing.com/landing.php Good luck with the sale!
  11. Agreed! It's times like this that all of the years spent at law school prove themselves worthwhile!
  12. Gave it some thought and I'm going to stick to my original plan of fitting a like for like revup engine and get a refund As it turns out, on further inspection the engine was damaged anyway After all, if you're going to do something take some time, spend the money and do it properly Don't worry, I like to think I'm reasonably honest and after buying a few questionable cars in my youth, I couldn't mislead someone if i came to sell!
  13. I may be able to help you with this OP. I had one delivered on monday (ordered a revup but got sent this instead) As the people I bought it from messed me around endlessly, I'm not feeling hopeful of a refund so will probably look to sell it PM me and I'll give you some info
  14. Thanks Alex, much appreciated!
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