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  1. If you decide to sell it ping me a pm m8 thanks for the reply
  2. Hi m8 was it made by rt ,are you not fitting it to your Z?
  3. As above looking for a chargespeed rear bumper cheers guys
  4. I'm looking to do this too, hope someone knows
  5. Mines front lip tarmac side steps black on gunmetal z
  6. Cheers dude Torn between this and the chargespeed bumper
  7. Hi folks anyone got this diffuser and exhaust ? I'm just wondering how much chopping and tinkering it might need as the end cans are quite chunky. Pics would be great thanks.
  8. no just some black ronseal fencelife and a couple of seagull feathers then a hairdryer can do yours too for a small fee if you like
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