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  1. Hi guys, Is there anyone on here who 3d prints and has a blueprint for the door vent adapter to house a 52mm gauge in the Door vent? If so how much? Seen a few but none UK, just seeing if I can get one locally 1st. Tia
  2. But has any1 physically tried to fit 1 to a Hr?
  3. Awh man... I've just started a major work project on the Z so I'm off the road till next year. 100% join u all again when I'm on the road again
  4. Just wondering if anyone has or is selling a z33 esprit wing? Seen these for sale in jap n but there dollar and that's before tax and shipping fees. I'd add a picture but can't for thd life of me use this forum
  5. send me a message if you want a pass , as cant make it.

    will get it posted off to you.

  6. Napp has a pass if u still wanna get ur 240z on the stand
  7. Yeah that's where I went wrong... Haha
  8. Tried to pay for a ticket for the club stand and it says you've reached maximum order quantity. Is that because 35 names have been handed in? Not a clue.
  9. I tried to book on and added the club code and it said it was full.
  10. Any space left? Add me in as well please
  11. Hi Adrian, turned out to be a faulty master cylinder, but I ended up fitting an rjw clutch pedal as well. Had it on a few months and it's starting to creak. But goes when I pump the clutch. Bites low but I have a friction plate ready to go on when I find a decent csc replacement. Might do away with the csc altogether and get a fork style kit.
  12. Cheers mate, where abouts are u based? I've seen 4 other Zs about in St Helens area
  13. Another new member, got my 2008 vq35hr a few months ago and started modding straight away. However a dodgy clutch is gunna slow that down. Put a rjw peddle in but think it's the master or just not bled up properly.  
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