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  1. Thanks. Good link to help me change the cluster but didn’t really help 100% confirm that a mph speedo will work correctly in a kph car. If it’s a plug and play swap that would be ideal as I’ll just buy the parts from a U.K. car has anyone done it?
  2. Is anyone able to help please? Thanks
  3. Hi guys I have a 2003 jdm import car with speedo in kmh, 180 max. The k has been covered over with black tape so it reads m/h but I tested against the kmh in the speedo clock in the centre console and the kmh matches perfectly so it’s still displaying kilometres even though there’s tape on the speedo. A conversion has never been done so I want to make the car display mph on both the speedo and odometer. I will also buy a used mph clock for the centre console I thought I could just buy a mph speedo from a U.K. car and swap them over then get a mileage correction company to put the odometer right but I’ve been told the speedo isn’t compatible. Is that correct? what's my options and the best route forward? I’ve seen you can buy the mph dial but what’s the process for getting the speedo and odometer to read correctly? How much does this generally cost? Thanks in advance
  4. Still looking for a pair of headlights. Anyone?
  5. I’m really looking for a pair, thanks anyway
  6. I bought a brand new upper plenum on eBay as I wanted to paint it as part of some engine detailing and swap for my moody looking one. Just easier to paint another one and swap them rather than paint mine. Problem is the guy packaged it terribly and its got some damage in transit. My concern is a nasty scratch on the rim I assume where the plenum spacer sits it has to make a perfect seal so the scratch is now going to effect performance if it doesn’t form a seal? theres also some damage on 3 of tubes (I know this is not the technical name lol) but maybe these aren’t as important and can just be sanded flat? Any advice please? I’m not that clued up on engine workings and don’t want to paint it if it’s not going to work right thanks
  7. Those lights are likely 8 pin. Anyone know where I can get 6 pin connectors as this will save me butchering my old lights ? Cheers
  8. I have the orange-tan leather heated electric seats and looking to change colour. Anything considered. Thanks
  9. Thanks mate. I just found them. Will send message
  10. Did you get a chance to look into this for me please? Or send me the link for the lights on eBay if poss and I’ll just have a bash at it thanks
  11. Great look. I know this is an old thread but I’m thinking about doing something similar. Where are the lights from that we’re used please?
  12. Thanks veeg, they look great..... I think I’ll have a go at that mod if I can get the same lights



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