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  1. Oh yes that was me redone today with right way. I rushed that bit.
  2. Just had these done. Highly recommended Brad Waite spent all day refurb the discs and calipers.
  3. 370 on high Street same day as a 350 spotted
  4. Blue roadster at market Hall car park 2nd one in this village
  5. Wonder if it was my old one. Did it have all black wheels and door handles?
  6. Thanks for this. Will have a set of plastic and some custom ones as back up
  7. Where did you get the custom ones from?
  8. Looks like I will need to change to some boring black plastic ones. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Yes aluminium original ones.
  10. Quick question, had my zed serviced however my mechanic suggested to get rid of the zed type valve caps as they corrode into the valve. Had trouble getting 1 of them off. Is this something others have experienced?
  11. Got excited when I spotted this on my way back from the cotswold. I've only ever seen 3 370z since I purchased mine.
  12. Rear spoiler wanted for 370z roadster.
  13. Well returned from Nissan who quoted me £6700 but the tech hinted that I should go to a specialist repairer. Nissan just want to replace whole hydraulic system when probably a seal leaking fluid. See below one strut leaking. Another mechanic is looking over. Any one have recommendations of a specialist roof repairer.
  14. Defiantly. Nice to see. I'm off to Singapore and have yet to see any zeds over there.
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