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  1. Rear spoiler wanted for 370z roadster.
  2. Well returned from Nissan who quoted me £6700 but the tech hinted that I should go to a specialist repairer. Nissan just want to replace whole hydraulic system when probably a seal leaking fluid. See below one strut leaking. Another mechanic is looking over. Any one have recommendations of a specialist roof repairer.
  3. Defiantly. Nice to see. I'm off to Singapore and have yet to see any zeds over there.
  4. Yes when we were there 350z 370z for rent as normal. We cheated and got a mustang GT.
  5. My son spotted this in florida.
  6. Roof is sticking slightly garage suggested check hydraulic fluid but where is it located? Is it actually in the storage compartment and how easy to top up. Help any roadsters out there.
  7. Yes but will check. Thanks for advice
  8. No, it's specially for a roadster. Think they are going to ship from US now
  9. Looking for one of these spoilers, they don't ship to UK. Any other sites anyone knows about.
  10. Welcome, love the name. Love the blue.
  11. Can I order front and back 370z roadster. Satin
  12. Top job to royal autos Bolton for fitting parking sensors. So subtle blend in well.
  13. Can't wait to have a good drive with the top down.



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