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  1. Any of the dates are OK with me, if I'm not working!
  2. Saw a nice Azure Blue 350Z coupe with a rear wing in Church Street, Wilmslow early this afternoon.
  3. Rust on Door Hinge help?

    I have had good results on treating minor rust spots on my Zed roadster using Bilt Hamber products, particularly the HYdrate 80 and Ferrosol products. Hope this link works, www.bilthamber.com/corrosion-protection-and-rust-treatments
  4. I'll attend, if I'm not working!
  5. Saw a well cared for black 350Z coupe leaving Wilmslow heading for the A34 on Saturday morning. It had a nice rear wing too!
  6. Thanks Rob and Chelsea for a great run out and also for arranging the excellent brunch stop. Looking forward to the next run! Thanks again.
  7. Rob350 G1en@waxandshine slates superstu Ridz
  8. Spotted a nice azure blue 350z coupe with a large rear wing, driving on Adlington Road Wilmslow, lunchtime today. I was about to fill up my own Zed at the Shell filling station, as you went past and exchanged a cheery wave.
  9. Blue 350Z coupe with a personal plate parked in Grafton Street multi storey car park at lunchtime today.
  10. 19th November is OK, if I'm not working.
  11. Side indicators

    As an alternative, you could PM Zmanalex and see if he can assist.
  12. Whilst in my daily driver, spotted a black 350Z coupe on Hollin Lane, Styal, heading towards Wilmslow this morning.
  13. September Run Out 23rd or 24th

    The weather forecast is looking reasonable for both days, so far! So come on guys and support Matt and our NW branch. It's always a good run out in Wales.