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  1. Ridz

    Soft top

    I haven't used them, but they do seem to know what they are doing. Their website specifically mentions also replacing the elastic tensioning straps during roof replacement. The prices, particularly for the mohair option s,eem competitive. I'll certainly consider them when I need to change my soft top on my Zed. Best call in and see them and judge the quality of their work. Hope this helps.
  2. Ridz

    Prepping my LMGTs for winter.

    Great set of wheels!
  3. Hi Rob, just to thank you for organising another great run out. Great roads and fantastic scenery.
  4. Hi Matt, I'll attend subject to my shift rostering.
  5. 1) Rob350 2) slates 3 )Ridz
  6. Ridz

    Love cleaning OEM tips

    Great looking Zed and beautifully maintained!
  7. URGENT, just for info, Mishimoto UK are offering a 15% discount, today only.
  8. Ridz

    Peak District drive

    Hi, I'll attend, subject to my shift roster.
  9. Hi Rob, I'll attend, subject to my shift rosters. Either date would be good for me.
  10. Saw an immaculate black 350Z Coupe parked outside Waitrose, Wilmslow on Saturday morning. It had a personal plate and the Nissan badges were blacked out. Very nice
  11. Ridz

    Best clutch fluid

    Hi Colin, I upgraded my Zed's clutch line to braided and RBF660 fluid last year, as the clutch pedal was getting a bit floppy in heavy, slow traffic. The upgrade has marginally improved clutch feel and resolved the slight floppy pedal feel when in heavy traffic. Braided lines are available from Traders on the forum. Hope this helps.
  12. Saw a very well kept black 350Z yesterday afternoon as I was walking in Macclesfield. Very clean coupe and very shiny!
  13. Saw a nice Azure Blue 350Z coupe with a rear wing in Church Street, Wilmslow early this afternoon.
  14. Ridz

    Rust on Door Hinge help?

    I have had good results on treating minor rust spots on my Zed roadster using Bilt Hamber products, particularly the HYdrate 80 and Ferrosol products. Hope this link works, www.bilthamber.com/corrosion-protection-and-rust-treatments