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  1. Side indicators

    As an alternative, you could PM Zmanalex and see if he can assist.
  2. Whilst in my daily driver, spotted a black 350Z coupe on Hollin Lane, Styal, heading towards Wilmslow this morning.
  3. September Run Out 23rd or 24th

    The weather forecast is looking reasonable for both days, so far! So come on guys and support Matt and our NW branch. It's always a good run out in Wales.
  4. September Run Out 23rd or 24th

    Either day would suit, provided I'm not working. May I suggest Wales, maybe Evo Triangle then with an add on to some roads around Bala area, as I may have a new route for us to try?
  5. Fitter required Manchester area

    +1 for Lockwood and Greenwood. They do a lot of our North West members Zeds. They do offer a discount for forum members. Just had my Zed serviced there a couple of weeks ago, and they always do a great job.
  6. Northwest Events

    You are welcome to join us on the Skipton run out in August. Check out Spatts Skipton run post.
  7. Soft top reproof

    +1 for the Autoglym Clean and Protect product. Used it on my own Zed roadster with good results.
  8. 1. slates - either day 2. Rob350 - whenever your ready 3. Spatt - Lets keep both days open for accessibility and weather 4. SuperStu - either 5.Hayd350 - 20th - seen as though it's my neck of the woods 6 Ridz - either ( subject to shift roster) Tentative: 1. Veeg33 - Either
  9. Welcome Mac, I hope that you enjoy driving your Zed roadster a much as I do mine! Hope that you will join the North West Zed owners on our next drive out.
  10. I would be up for a meet this Saturday, subject to shift rosters.
  11. I have found that a wipe down with a diluted APC followed by Poorboys Natural Look, works well on all interior sections of my Zed, with a not too glossy finish.
  12. Air Con Bomb *cleaner

    +1 for the Bilt Hamber
  13. Hi Nathan, I can offer my 350z, which is a 2007 gunmetal convertible, unmodified car. I can be available both Sunday and Monday and I'm not too far away. Incidentally my Zed featured in Car magazine "Affordable Roadsters" article in July 2013.