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  1. I am reluctantly selling my 350Z Roadster. It's a 2006 GT in Gunmetal. 57400 miles Full service history Fully working hood, in excellent condition Upgraded DBA discs and Ferodo pads Stainless steel flexible brake and clutch lines Milltek stainless steel exhaust Refurbished Rays wheels Rear wheel arches cleaned and rust treated twice a year Interior and seats in excellent condition Price 6,995
  2. +1 for the CTEK. A great charger and battery conditioner.
  3. Stormforce car covers have been recommended on this forum in the past, although usually for outdoor covers, but worth checking their website. You may also wish to check at Halfords!
  4. I can recommend Bilt Hamber Surfex cleaner which can be diluted depending on the degree of contamination. I also use 303 aerospace coating after cleaning which helps protect the engine bay and under bonnet on my Zed.
  5. Ridz

    Charging battery

    The CTEK leads do connect onto the battery terminal bolts.
  6. Ridz

    Charging battery

    When I first got my Zed, I tried to maintain battery charge via the 12 volt connector and, like you, found it wasn't possible. I understand that some cars are not able to charge in this way, in order to protect the electronics. As Stanski suggests, it's easy just to pop the bonnet, and even easier if you attach quick connect leads to the battery terminals. I have just bought a replacement CTEK battery conditioner/charger for my Zed and can recommend it.
  7. I understand that corrosion of the heat shields on top of the converters can be a problem, often leading them to be loose and liable to rattle. Most owners tend to remove the shields when they are badly corroded as it does not affect the performance of the cats. Had them removed on my Zed. Might be worth seeking ZmanAlex opinion or any of the other zed specialists, just to make sure.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum and to the NW owners section too. Nice looking Zed. As Rob has mentioned both he ans Spatt are our regional events organisers, so look out for their posts in the Regional Events section for North West runs out. We hope you will join us on our next run out.
  9. As Zmanalex said, it may be a simple issue, so forgive my daft question, but have you released the manual latch? It is located just above the rear view mirror,
  10. Ridz

    New soft top

    I haven't used the Soft Top Shop, but judging by their website they do seem knowledgeable with regards to Zed soft tops. They mention replacing the elastic straps as part of the hood replacement service, so they have done Zeds previously. As Zmanalex suggests, it's best to get a mohair rather than canvas replacement. When the soft top on my roaster needs replacing, the Soft Top Shop will be on my list of potential suppliers. Probably worthwhile paying them a visit to check them out.
  11. You would be very welcome. Rob, one of our Regional Events Organisers, always arranges a good run out! Welcome to both the forum and the North West owners section.
  12. 1. Rob350 2. Davies700 3. Glen 4. Ridz
  13. Ian9r and mx49, the NW group will be resuming their runs out over the next month or so. They are normally arranged by Spatt and Rob who are our Regional Events Organisers, and they will post any meet notices in this section of the forum. Hope you can both join us on our first run out of the season.
  14. ^^ Spatt and Rob are the NW regional events organisers, so keep watch on the regional meets postings for information on NW run outs. They are always a good day out with a chance to meet other Zed enthusiasts. Hope to see you on the first run of the season.
  15. Welcome, hope you can join us on our next run out. Nice looking Zed



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