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  1. In need of help. Fitting new head unit. Have an external usb lead I want to run into the card holder or cubby behind handbrake 2006 model how do I remove these 2 items. Desperate for some guidance can’t find anything on the net.
  2. Looking at buying this head unit tomorrow, can someone advise if it is a straightforward swap out for Nissan Bose head unit? Many thanks Wayne
  3. Hi looking for advice I have wen n dry 400, 609, 1200 and 2000. Undercoated 4 coats. now before top coat should I wet n dry with 2000? many thanks Wayne
  4. Many thanks I will try and find him
  5. Where can I get a specific car cover at a reasonable price circa £100 thanks wayne
  6. I have a std exhaust is there a cost effective way to upgrade in stages? what are going to be the costs involved? is it worth it? Thanks Wayne
  7. If I change head unit what is needed for plug and play and for steering controls to work. how do you over come them being so shallow? thanks Wayne
  8. Looking at changing stock Bose headunit As has scratched and paint has come away. has anyone tried painting?
  9. Is the diff and gear box oil change easy. Is there a method on the forum? any recommendations for these two oils? thanks Wayne
  10. What is the going rate to get front and rear bumpers painted
  11. Are there many owners local to Plymouth and East Cornwall.
  12. Looking forward to being a 350z owner, have just picked up a 68k FSH roadster for £3500. Needs a little TLC but think I got a good deal. Has had in the last 2 Year’s New hood, new clutch, new brakes and Bridgestones all round. Will be looking help on taking interior out and refurbing.
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