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  1. 350z Ebay Finds

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/K-N-TYPHOON-INDUCTION-KIT-FOR-NISSAN-350Z-3-5-V6-07-09-HR-ONLY-/391980746291 K+Ns for all you HR owners
  2. Anyone reccomend an oil temp gauge??

    I`ve always liked the autometer stuff. Good gauges at sensible money. The Defi`s are great but crazy£££.
  3. Clark Motorsport Appreciation Thread

    Another painless transaction, bushes received in record time. Pretty sure as I`d paid for them the door rang, delivery!. Cheers Ewan
  4. Hub-centric wheel spacers

    I`ll take the driftworks pair please. Paypal ok?
  5. 'STANG thread

    What he said. It must be a "bullitt" mustang, they`ve painted it green.
  6. Whiteline Bushes

    Hey Ewan, no apology needed. hope you had a good holiday. Go anywhere warm? I`m sick of winter. Still need bushes please mate. Was going to ring tomorrow. Rear hubs have bushes for each alignment arm. coilovers & arms uprated + perished oem bushes = very unstable I have whiteline bushes everywhere else so would like to stick with these. Could`nt figure out which ones I`d need (inner / outer / upper / lower????) Lol Thanks
  7. Whiteline Bushes

    Cheers bud.
  8. Whiteline Bushes

  9. Whiteline Bushes

    Had a look at whiteline site but struggling to figure out which bushes are what. I need the four bushes which are in the rear hubs. I have aftermarket arms which have rosejointed etc ends but are mounted to cracked bushes on the hub. I will try to get a diagram. Thanks
  10. Cooling/Thermostat

    Must of changed it ten times over the years on these z's, never had a problem. The trick is to pour really slooww. Allowing the air to escape, I rushed it and paid the price.
  11. Just a thread to blow the cobwebs out of this section. We are still here!! Seen a few around South Wales but normally on the Motorway.
  12. Cooling/Thermostat

    Just been out on break to have a look and just as the Z guru Alex had forseen I had created an airlock when changing thermostat. Bled plug out and topped up, all is well. Doh!
  13. Cooling/Thermostat

    Lol, trying to fix it on the internet while stuck in work. Cheers
  14. Cooling/Thermostat

    Cheers alex, Fans kick in but temp keeps climbing due to no flow through thermostat. Changed the coolant when thermostat fitted. No air in system as far as I`m aware. I am assuming my new stat from Nissan is ok . I am using MotorFactor (Granville) coolant, are there different grades of coolant?