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  1. I had a set of brakepad shims from you before. Bought a new Z and the brakes are squeeling like hell. Need a front and rear set please. Thanks
  2. yes please bud. If you have another i`ll take it. Thanks
  3. In the market for a new Z, is this still for sale?
  4. HR only? It has the extra coolant hoses the samcos dont have.
  5. Whoops, thats why it was cheap. Need to brush up on my japanese. Thankyou for correction
  6. Following the Nismo thing. https://www.bidjdm.com/bidding/auction/view/id/r209584045 Obviously not genuine part but if my maths are correct.
  7. Sorry fellas its mine, all mine!!!
  8. What do you think the postage will be to South Wales? Very interested.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/K-N-TYPHOON-INDUCTION-KIT-FOR-NISSAN-350Z-3-5-V6-07-09-HR-ONLY-/391980746291 K+Ns for all you HR owners
  10. I`ve always liked the autometer stuff. Good gauges at sensible money. The Defi`s are great but crazy£££.
  11. Another painless transaction, bushes received in record time. Pretty sure as I`d paid for them the door rang, delivery!. Cheers Ewan
  12. I`ll take the driftworks pair please. Paypal ok?
  13. Adam B

    'STANG thread

    What he said. It must be a "bullitt" mustang, they`ve painted it green.



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