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  1. Cooling/Thermostat

    Must of changed it ten times over the years on these z's, never had a problem. The trick is to pour really slooww. Allowing the air to escape, I rushed it and paid the price.
  2. Just a thread to blow the cobwebs out of this section. We are still here!! Seen a few around South Wales but normally on the Motorway.
  3. Cooling/Thermostat

    Just been out on break to have a look and just as the Z guru Alex had forseen I had created an airlock when changing thermostat. Bled plug out and topped up, all is well. Doh!
  4. Cooling/Thermostat

    Lol, trying to fix it on the internet while stuck in work. Cheers
  5. Cooling/Thermostat

    Cheers alex, Fans kick in but temp keeps climbing due to no flow through thermostat. Changed the coolant when thermostat fitted. No air in system as far as I`m aware. I am assuming my new stat from Nissan is ok . I am using MotorFactor (Granville) coolant, are there different grades of coolant?
  6. Cooling/Thermostat

    Car overheated, needle in the red. Bottom Radiator hose cold. Stuck thermostat. Removed and tested in pan of boiling water. It barely opened about 2mm. Bought a new one from Nissan (then seen the Cosworth ones for same money) Twice now car has gone into red before thermostat opens and temps drop. This morning it didn`t open at all. What else would cause the thermostat to stay closed? Thanks
  7. Front handling issue - HELP please!!

    check all the bushes. Banana arm usually gives a clunk when going over bumps or braking if shot. Bottom shock mount bushes can give weird movements if failed. Top arm bushes the same. Sounds like something is moving when it shouldn`t. Jack it up, wheel off and look for cracked/split rubber on all the mounting points.
  8. Under-tray with built in brake cooling ducting build

    Nice, Like it. As you`ve stated 2-3mm aluminium would be nice. Is there room for brake ducting? Fed through arch liners or will they be removed?
  9. Antiroll bar bushes (see last post)

    Yes mate although I`ll measure them when I finish work at 2pm to be sure
  10. Antiroll bar bushes (see last post)

    Morning Ewen and all at CMS Need anti roll bar bushes this time, front mainly but can you give me price for both please. Whiteline preferably but whatever you recommend. Thanks
  11. New Member from Wales

    Hi, If your interested in the 350z, this is the place for you. Welcome
  12. Rocket bunny duck tail rep anyone?

    I have one for sale, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Z33-350Z-Rocket-Bunny-Style-Duck-tail-Rear-Spoiler-/271568135284?fits=Model%3A350+Z&epid=866773307&hash=item3f3ab8e474:g:D3gAAOSw9r1WAmnQ Its one of these in black gelcoat. Never fitted. PM if interested. Cheers
  13. Wheel PCD question

    I have an old set of wolfrace alloys off of my Z [Nissan PCD of 5x114] I have bought an old Mercedes as a daily. These have a PCD of 5x112. Obviously they are not the same but what sort of leeway do you have? ie will these wheels fit? Havn`t picked car up yet so can`t physically check. Thanks
  14. Received yesterday, again many Thanks. Top bit of kit
  15. Rear coilover conversion?

    Only a road car but 20,000 miles of crashing through pot holes and our terrible roads and the rear turret seams havn`t split yet. [fingers crossed]