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  1. 7 and a half weeks of them instalments and they're yours hahaha
  2. These were my dads wheels that he had on his 350z before he got rid of it with the standard alloys, never got round to selling these. They have been kept in an old car for about a year and a half. They are all wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, fronts have about 5mm of tread and the rears have about 3 to 4mm on them. The fronts are 245/35 and rears are 275/35 19" ET12. 9.5 J Fronts 10.5 J backs. He had them fitted without spacers, but he did have the rear arches rolled. They are all suffering from what I think is a bit of corrosion, i do not have the time to sand them down so I am sell
  3. Yeah we are, could be, my dad went on a few of the wales runs.
  4. Just wanted to inform those that met and spoke with my dad, sadly he passed away on Thursday morning. Lost the fight with cancer. He loved his zed while he had it, and we both had some great times together in our zeds. I cant believe I'm having to write stuff like this, but I just thought it best to let you know.
  5. Bought a general public ticket, so popping over for a bit... May see some of you there !
  6. Thanks for the birthday messages! You're not far off wrong Shezza haha Got my 350 a birthday present, ripped the plastic undertray off on monday so had to get it a Z speed undertray
  7. 01 MrsNiki + 1 - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 02 Buster and Mrs Buster - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 03 Andy and Katrina - Hotel booked 04 ATTAK Z - Sunday drive + lunch (Hope I'll be able to keep up in my non-Zed ) 05 Paul K and Mrs K - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 06 Davedutch and Mrs - no need for hotel 07 Shezza + 1 - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 08 Jetset + 1 - Hotel booked 3rd June 09 Spoons + 1 - Hotel to be booked tomorrow. (brand new Z owners, looking forward) 10 Mr & Mrs N13gey - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 11 Stoker 11 + 1 - Hotel booked 3rd/4th June 12 Brummiestormer No hot
  8. Will be coming to this, havent been around on the forum for a while but not gonna miss this! Will book the hotel tomorrow hopefully, then ill get my name down on the list
  9. Yep that was me, gave you a wave too front bumpers the standard one but the badge is black so that may have made it look different! Funny you should say that tho as i have a front bumper in the paintshop as we speak
  10. My clutch went at 56k, and it was down to the metal!
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