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  1. That's just it you nailed it on the head, they are just boring cars the Germans unless you pay over the odds , yes the refinement is great but you have to pay for that, an m3 scares me if anything small goes wrong it's allot of cash, Nissan you can take to jap specialist and always willing to help
  2. Hey guys undecided on a 370z, however anything else I look at does not give me the childish buzz in my stomach, i suppose the only thing putting me off was the large cost my 350z was as it had a few issues.
  3. I have heard many mixed things TBH
  4. if you want to sell let me know, trying to find a good 370z is becoming a problem
  5. Two good examples of cherished cars, although the NISMO is a little out of my budget and insurance is quite expensive With that fine looking cat back system and it would be a shame to take it off
  6. Last time a got a 350 and rushed into it and got one that needed allot of work, I want to buy the type of car I sold... I.e no money spared on servicing Budget 18k Mileage sub 50k Manual or Semi auto
  7. The drive way have been totally paved now so I can go in at an angle ill get better pics tomorrow
  8. Hey people After selling my 350hr last year I have an itch... An impractical itch I want to buy a 370z however I have a new house and the drive is a steep driveway hopefully the picture is legible, I just don't want the back to scrape the floor so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar driveway. http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j60/Chris_Day/image.jpg1_zpslvecr1pf.jpg
  9. I think it's because the v6 can idle lower down in the high gears combined with the aero?
  10. Yea I got up the arse of an e46 the other day and nothing on the road as both cars get up to a dangerous speed so quickly, only long Staights and twists on a track show the marinal difference I think. like I think design wise both 350 and e46 will be classics, the 350z was miss and saving grace as it was a fantastic mid range sports car that revitalised the brand.
  11. ok sorry I'm just being a wind up merchant.... I do find the 350z to be a rear wheel drive golf r32 with a long wheel base though don't you guys agree. Though without the interior or build quality.
  12. Truth is. 2 out of 100 of you guys are good enough drivers on the road to really see the difference between premium rubber... It's like wine tasting we all think we have an opinion because we sound good, when in reality your talking crap and trying to self justify over spending on rubber that is more at home on a real performance car. End of subject.
  13. I think the RE050a grip to well meaning you need to do silly things to feel a little broken traction
  14. I thought they started with the tyre valve and worked from there? No it goes deeper that that, the atmospheric pressure then valve.. lordd you guys seem more interested in bolting on IKEA furniture to you motors than the science of things. Im not impressed but you Mr Haydhn seem to be a smart amoungst the few hear.





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