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  1. As above - looking for a 350z HR power steering pump. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm planning on changing the spark plugs on my HR in next few weeks but I'm very apprehensive about doing it given the issues that can happen if the throttle body butterfly valves are inadvertently moved - and thus causing a high / hunting idle. It looks like for the spark plug change the throttle bodies need to be removed to access 2 of the 3 spark plugs on each bank. Can someone confirm what I should be disconnecting - the battery and the ECU? any particular order? Any tips welcome. I've done the spark plugs on my old DE without issue but didn't
  3. Same here - it's normal - my HR can actually take me all the way down to end of my housing estate on a cold start idle
  4. GT Driver

    Stock VLSD

    Hi, Looking for a used stock VLSD with pumpkin casing- preferably off a 350z HR (as I'm not sure if older DEs are a direct fit including sensors etc)
  5. Hi Adrian. I was just wondering if there any deals on these whether by group discount or vouchers?
  6. Just to add to this - it's only illegal to have active airbags if the child seat is rearwards. I wonder how far the airbag deploys in the 350z and if there would be sufficient 'dead space' between the child and bag.
  7. Very nice. Does this fit both DE and HR models?
  8. So a quick update on this - I've had the spare OEM backbox opened up and the fiberglass sound insulation has been completely removed. It was quite an easy job - the fiberglass is located in the third internal 'chamber' on the right. This was then welded shut and fitted on the car. Unlike the guy in the video in my first post, I did not cut out any of the internal chamber walls to increase flow. Now I can understand a lot of people would ask why I didn't just get a cobra or other aftermarket exhaust but I completely wanted to keep the stock tone of the exhaust and the results are pretty goo
  9. Here's an Irish discussion board where you might find someone looking for a ticket.... not sure if sales are permitted... http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057677722 Other websites for selling: adverts.ie (connected to boards.ie above) donedeal.ie (lot of timewasters on here though, just a fyi)
  10. Checked mine last night. They both spun in the same direction. Thanks for heads up Chris. As said above - they spin clockwise if you were looking from above.
  11. Was last pulled 2 years ago. On St Patricks Day in Dublin. It being a bank holiday I believed it was legal to drive on a bus lane. A traffic unit land cruise was going outbound from the city as I was going inbound. I didn't see him but he did a U-turn, and about a mile down the road I noticed a number of cars pulling in to let this Landcruiser pass - I keep left thinking he's going to go past me - nope. Right up my ass..then pulls up beside me. Window down. "YOU - Pull over there now and stay there" He was very irate and I wasn't sure why: Police Sergeant: "License Please. Do you know why
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