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  1. GT Driver

    Stock VLSD

    Hi, Looking for a used stock VLSD with pumpkin casing- preferably off a 350z HR (as I'm not sure if older DEs are a direct fit including sensors etc)
  2. Hi Adrian. I was just wondering if there any deals on these whether by group discount or vouchers?
  3. Just to add to this - it's only illegal to have active airbags if the child seat is rearwards. I wonder how far the airbag deploys in the 350z and if there would be sufficient 'dead space' between the child and bag.
  4. Very nice. Does this fit both DE and HR models?
  5. So a quick update on this - I've had the spare OEM backbox opened up and the fiberglass sound insulation has been completely removed. It was quite an easy job - the fiberglass is located in the third internal 'chamber' on the right. This was then welded shut and fitted on the car. Unlike the guy in the video in my first post, I did not cut out any of the internal chamber walls to increase flow. Now I can understand a lot of people would ask why I didn't just get a cobra or other aftermarket exhaust but I completely wanted to keep the stock tone of the exhaust and the results are pretty good: Exhaust volume increase of an estimated 15 to 20%. Not that dramatic but it's just about right without being too obnoxious or intrusive. The exhaust tone is pretty much identical to stock - its just louder. There is zero drone and zero rasp. Cold start is far louder. When hot: exhaust pops and crackles on the overrun are much more noticeable and not as muffled! For those interested in performance - there is no noticeable loss (or increase in torque). The exhaust seems to rev more freely with the packing removed, very slightly though. Edit - here is a vertical video taken just after fitting (fully warmed up). Best listened to with headphones. https://youtu.be/3H-IhaKXaRo
  6. Here's an Irish discussion board where you might find someone looking for a ticket.... not sure if sales are permitted... http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057677722 Other websites for selling: adverts.ie (connected to boards.ie above) donedeal.ie (lot of timewasters on here though, just a fyi)
  7. Checked mine last night. They both spun in the same direction. Thanks for heads up Chris. As said above - they spin clockwise if you were looking from above.
  8. Was last pulled 2 years ago. On St Patricks Day in Dublin. It being a bank holiday I believed it was legal to drive on a bus lane. A traffic unit land cruise was going outbound from the city as I was going inbound. I didn't see him but he did a U-turn, and about a mile down the road I noticed a number of cars pulling in to let this Landcruiser pass - I keep left thinking he's going to go past me - nope. Right up my ass..then pulls up beside me. Window down. "YOU - Pull over there now and stay there" He was very irate and I wasn't sure why: Police Sergeant: "License Please. Do you know why I pulled you over?" Me: "No" (I had a few guesses, but I've always been told always say no regardless - don't admit anything) Police Sergeant: "Right - driving on a bus lane: €60 fine and no penalty points. Overtaking on the left: €80 fine and three penalty points. Speeding: €80 fine and three penalty points" at this point I thought - jesus I am going to be a$$ r**ped here. Me, in a calm polite manner: "I genuinely thought it was ok to drive on the bus lane on a public holiday and as for the speeding I was keeping up with the flow of traffic". Police Sergeant: "so you're going to plead ignorance like everyone else, ah right". He walks off - and randomly pulls in a Zafira behind me. After about 10 minutes comes back to my window, hands back my license. Police Sergeant: "now because you didn't give me lip, the fine for you today, is going to be a €60 fine and no penalty points. Now where are you off to?" Me: "just going to Tesco" Police Sergeant: "Well lucky for you, you can drive to Tesco. It's not looking so good for the guy I pulled in behind you there - he has no tax, so he'll be walking to wherever he's going. Now good luck" He steps out into the traffic lane & holds up traffic to allow me off
  9. I reckon I'm going to get the backbox mod done in the next week or two. I have a guy that is doing my mates e92 M3 backbox so if that works out ok I'll mine done. I'm going to mimic what the guy in the YouTube video has done - fibreglass out and some baffle removal for free-er flowing. I'll post up videos once done. I'm going to leave the resonator in place. I don't want rasp.
  10. I have acquired a secondhand oem system from a mate as he sold his HR. I have seen some videos of people chopping off the mid-pipe or removing insulation from the OEM backbox and was curious about it.. Mid-pipe resonator A bit of a random question - but regarding the mid-pipe resonator on the OEM system, what exactly is inside the resonator 'box'? I know it eliminates rasp, but was curious how rasp is reduced with this. I like the sound it creates when removed, but I think it may be too raspy on WOT for my liking. Backbox A chap in the USA opened up his backbox and took out the fibreglass insulation and welded it back up - mainly to create more sound. He also took a few sections from inside to make it more free-er flowing. Would such a mod make a huge difference with regards to volume? It's hard to judge from his youtube video, and the fact he has ART decat pipes fitted also. But I think it sounds class. I love the OEM sound so I'm not looking to replace it for a new exhaust, which I can guess most people would just suggest I do !- I am mainly just curious what ways the OEM exhaust volume can be increased whilst not introducing/creating more rasp at the same time.
  11. Having the same problem here. Apparently there is a reset button on the window motor, that requires taking off the door card. However the reset procedure must be done with the door closed, and it's sort of hard to do that with the door card hanging down..





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