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  1. Hi folks... My 350z roadster 2007 holds the revs high on cold start for 2mins before settling and settles slowly ... Due to this I can pull off by just releasing clutch and it drives itself lol?! Serviced every year and only done 35000 miles.. Has anybody experienced this or has any advice?
  2. Djdm

    Front bumper

    Hi folks I'm after a front bumper for my 313 07 plate roadster any ideas? I live near Birmingham
  3. Thanks again for the advice peeps. ☺
  4. Thanks shezza I was thinking of booking it in for complete bleed/flush on gearbox then fresh oil afterwards to see if it improved. If the gear change was smooth and still noisy I wouldn't be as worried as I am. Thanks again for your help! ☺
  5. Hi guys. I have a 350z hr 2007. Only owned it for 3 months and not done 30k yet. I'm finding slight delay in power/pull off when pressing accelerator (one to on and and a half sec delay) didn't do this when bought. Even with esc off nothing changes. I have the click from rear spline which is common and easy fix. My main concern also is dreadfull noise from gearbox on tick over untill clutch pressed and noisy gearbox when driving and changing gear. Also clunky in second/third gear. Nissan are a waste of time as they tell me no fault on ecu so cannot diagnose fault although agree issue. Does any
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