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  1. Surely they have broken the terms of the direct debit? It was agreed for a set amount for 12 months, not a variable amount such as phone bills etc. If I were you I would be insisting they return the money immediately upon receiving the proof of NCB, especially since it's coming up to Christmas. It really bugs me be companies are happy to take your money in a day or 2 from your account, but when they're asked to return it, it takes them 2 weeks. Crooks!!
  2. KyleR


    I had the Z Speed one on my old Zed and eventually I'll be changing out the OEM one on this car, but I'll probably go for the Torqen one as its a bit cheaper than the Z Speed and is exactly the same except the name.
  3. KyleR

    Tarmac discount code.

    You could try PMing him?
  4. KyleR

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    It’d be cheaper to replace the bushings with poly unless the balljoint is in bad shape too.
  5. KyleR

    350z hr spares list 1

    The hub face of a wheel isn't solid, it's usually star shaped, so the bolts go between.
  6. Where did you get the replacement rotors and how much were they? I need a new set.
  7. KyleR

    No power, won’t start.

    Had the battery charging for the past 6 hours, which I know isn’t enough to charge it, but I figured I’d have got a dash light. Instead of connecting the negative to the chassis, I connected it straight to the terminal and had power again, but would repeatedly click very quickly if I tried to turn it over. How come it wouldn’t work with a dead battery? I’d have though connecting a 14v source to the battery would be virtually the same as a fully charged battery.
  8. KyleR

    No power, won’t start.

    So I went to start the car today after it being sat for a few weeks and I never bothered to hook up the maintainence charger, so no surprise it’s stone dead. However, even after hooking it up to another car with its ignition running, it’s still dead. No lights or anything. I checked the 2 ignition fuses and they seem fine anyone any ideas?
  9. KyleR

    Reapplying for licence

    Both your insurer and the DVLA are wrong. You've held your licence since you past your test. Even if you lost the books and had to resit the test, the new licence would arrive with the original pass date on the back and thats the date you use.
  10. KyleR

    When to remap / which map?

    A clutch doesn’t add HP, so get it mapped once all breathing mods are done.
  11. KyleR

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    That’s because the advertised price on the site is for 16, so if you want 20 and a finish, the addition price includes the extra 4 nuts and the coating. besides that, would titanium nuts not gall on steal bolts?
  12. KyleR

    Nismo wheel valves

    Are there any caps on them?
  13. KyleR

    Nismo wheel valves

    Are these the screw in stems for LMGT4’s? Looks like rubber in the photo but the part number is for the screw ins
  14. KyleR

    370Z Nismo Mark 2 Front Wheel

    Can you post a photo? It must be pretty bad for it to irreparable
  15. KyleR

    Alternator overhaul kit

    Did you go new OEM or patent part?