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  1. If Zmanalex doesn’t want the boot net i’ll take it off your hands. If that’s the case could you provide me with p&p prices to Northern Ireland please.
  2. Bought 6 new coilpacks from Zmanalex to replace the original ones on my 03 350z. Absolutely brilliant service from Zmanalex. Driving like a new car now. Would recommend him 100% to anybody.
  3. If you do a 350z search on gumtree, she's for sale atm in Kilbirnie Ayrshire.
  4. Loads of them over here in Northern Ireland which aren't included on the "How many left" website. Lol.
  5. From memory Nissan main dealers were the best source for a new bonnet. As far as I can remember they were around £250. Obviously it'll need painted after that.
  6. Try putting a couple of standard replacement rubber tap washers (1/2 inch I think ) into each popper. Worked a treat for me.
  7. Is your boot lid clearing the latch when it "pops" open?
  8. If it's the initial boot release that's not opening/lifting enough to clear the latch then this is because of the springs in your boot poppers loosing their strength. I fitted rubber tap washers to cure the problem. The boot poppers control the initial 3-4 inch movement to clear the latch. Then the struts assist you to lift the boot lid fully open from there.
  9. Don't u still owe me a coffee? Lol.
  10. Is your local garage 100% sure it's the module and not the very common fault of the fan motor brushes being stuck/seized?
  11. Not a hard job if you follow the video. It's a bit footery getting the fans unplugged but once you have the top coolant hose disconnected the whole panel just lifts out. I would recommend u service both fans to save any bother in the immediate future. Also bear in mind that other forum members have mentioned that the mishimoto fans are very noisy in comparison to the standard ones.
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