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  1. Hi, How much do you want for it? Thanks Ian
  2. As per the title, does anyone have the front piece of the wheel arch liner for a 350z? Drivers side.
  3. Looks like a nice clean install. I notice the phone symbol, how or what did you use to run hands free on a tablet?
  4. Has anyone got a passenger side banana arm in good condition for sale? Buying them new seems to be very pricey. Please message me with the cost including postage. Thanks
  5. How easy are these to install? I need to replace them on my passenger banana arm
  6. I think I will leave it as well. I don't want to buy it and find it won't fit, as I would then need to sell it and probably at a loss. Shame really as I am in the process of fitting an uplift interior into my 2003. A nice retrim is already into making with Si at Hide n Seats. The tablet would have gone nice with the dipped console.
  7. Out of interest if you have a tablet fitted, how do you go about listening to the radio? I should imagine it's thru wifi, but what would the signal be like whilst driving?
  8. Will that tablet surround fit a face lift bezel?
  9. I am looking at refurbishing my interior and want to install the uplift fascia, central console etc... I already have a few bits, but need the following: Door cards - both passenger and Driver side. Drivers window switch panel - (I assume the passenger side is the same as on the DE and the switches are a straight swap?) Satnav control panel. - Doesn't need to be working as I am also installing a tablet, but need to fill the gap. Heater Control box with loom. - I already have the climate controls Please PM me with prices. Thanks
  10. 1k isn't too bad really, I paid 1.2k back in 1993 for a top of the range Escom 486 66mhz with a 256k graphics card, a 100mb hard drive and a massive 1mb of memory . Mind you, it did come in a massive tower and had two floppy drives. I still have the tower it came in . I believe the Tandon 386 16mhz , my first PC bought in 1991, set me back £1250. My next PC was a Viglen in 1995, I think it was a Pentium 120, the 17" monitor that I specified added another £500+ to the price , came out at around 2 grand. Pete My first PC was. P120, and I was leagues ahead of my mates that had either a 386 or a 486. I miss the the sound of my modem dialing to connect.
  11. The Samsung EVos have proven to be the best non PCIX disks over and over. Now that they are cheap enough, you should be running 2, the speed boost in raid 10 is dramatic, makes a fast PC blistering fast, plus you can still use the extra space! I used to compete in the PCMark charts with a couple of my old rigs, the double-SSD is the single thing that makes a quick machine really quick, try it, and have your mind blown (motherboard must support RAID, naturally). As I have a slot on the motherboard, I use a 950 Pro 512GB M.2 PCI-e 3.0 x 4 NVMe SSD for my main drive and have 3x 500gb Intel SSD drives as my storage for games etc.. The 2x MSI GTX980t were quite cheap when I bought them and handle everything I throw at them. Everything is liquid cooled including the memory sticks, I even learned to cut glass tubes and braid my own cables during the build.
  12. Do yourself a favour and join the Overclockers forums and start a 'Spec me a PC' thread, tell the forum members how much you want to spend and what you are going to use the PC for and they will offer some very good advice on what to get. You can then shop around for the parts, you don't need to go all UV lighting and liquid cooling like mine to build a decent rig. You can always swap and change parts at a later date, if your needs change.
  13. It doesn't have to be a huge case either, here is smaller system I built previously. The board is micro ATX and the case had a small foot print. The benefits of building your own is that you get exactly what you want, providing you know what you actually want to use the PC for. I built mine with gaming in mind and can run the Oculus Rift VR without a problem.





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