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  1. Mondo 300

    Stepping down as a Trader

    Morning all, My Trader fees are now due and I've decided that I won't be renewing this time. The main reason is that I'm literally too busy to log into forums most of the time and that's starting to affect my response times to queries, which I'm not happy about. I've always prided myself on replying to people quickly, but that's starting to slip now as I seem to be almost permanently at work. Hide N Seat is (currently) a one man band so it's not even as if I can delegate PMs and emails to someone else. So a step back from forums generally is the obvious solution, for me at least - that way, I only have a couple of communication lines to watch. Since I joined this forum, I've met some great people and worked on some superb cars. I've had a hand in at least one award-winning interior (thanks, Mudman) and seen lots of happy faces when customers have collected their motors and seen the transformations in real life. I love that, I really do! There are a couple of people who are booked in for work and this decision doesn't affect that whatsoever. I'm not ceasing trading full stop, or anything like that; I simply won't be actively advertising on here from now on. Should anyone need to contact me regarding work they're booked in for, the Facebook page, website and email links all remain very active. I may stay on board as a regular member, but I haven't decided yet. So I guess that's me done then. It's been a pleasure and thank you again to everyone who's made my time on here as pleasurable and successful as it has been! Cheers, Si.
  2. Mondo 300

    Seat removal

    My rule of thumb is to remove the four bolts before pulling the battery. Once they're removed, position the seat back in the centre of the runner travel and then disconnect the battery earth lead. Wait 15 minutes, then tilt the seats backwards and disconnect the relevant clips and plugs. In the very best Haynes manual tradition, refitting is the reverse of removal!
  3. Mondo 300

    Replacing 2003 seat with 2007

    To the best of my knowledge, whilst there are a few variations of seat available across the 350Z range, they all mount exactly the same way.
  4. Welcome back. Is this place not still called 350z-uk.com? It is according to my address bar....
  5. Mondo 300

    Swapping Electric Seats for Manual

    Installing aftermarket heaters into seats isn't a difficult job. Someone doing it would have to Frankenstein the wiring though; either changing the ends of the loom in the car to suit the new heater pad connections, or vice versa.
  6. Mondo 300

    Swapping Electric Seats for Manual

    From the factory, the heater elements are sewn into the seat covers. You'd have to ruin your original covers to remove the heater pads.
  7. Mondo 300

    Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    There's a question! I believe they have a similar deal to the Speed and SR seats, whereby you could have a "Cross" designation that gives you a different base. On the Cross Speeds, the base has shallower bolsters and an extending front squab. On the CS Cross, I think the bolsters are smaller and that's the only difference. But I honestly don't know enough about the CS range to say whether the bolt pattern for mounting the seats to a subframe is the same as earlier seats like the SR or Trendline.
  8. Mondo 300

    Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    There's usually a pair or two on eBay for between £600 and £800 - out of a Corsa VXR, I think. I keep debating a set for my Z32 but keep deciding to stick with the Speeds as they're period-correct.
  9. Mondo 300

    The worst day

    There's nothing I can add that hasn't already been said, but condolences to you and yours (and his wife and unborn child) for the sad and tragic loss.
  10. Mondo 300

    My Dad

    Really sorry to read this, Celia. Lost my mum in 1994 so I know where you're at right now.
  11. Mondo 300

    New project..... Datsun 240z

    I'd love to be able to buy a 240Zand restore it. Absolutely beautiful cars! And this one is looking like no exception!
  12. Mondo 300

    Lexx Goes Gold

    I've known Lexx for a few years now and he is, without a doubt, one of the most genuine guys I've known in my life. He's done a sterling job here and is to be commended. And yeah, his ability to impregnate with twins on both times of asking is truly remarkable!
  13. Mondo 300

    Aftermarket Leather seats

    Any seats by a decent manufacturer (Recaro, Bride, Sparco, etc) are selling for decent money these days. The "classic" Recaros especially. I was looking for a more modern pair to replace my Speeds with, but some of the prices are crackers!
  14. Mondo 300

    Forum Traders vs outside agencies

    This seems to have caused a fair bit of controversy, which certainly wasn't the intention. Regarding my posting pictures of any work I'm doing; that's what I keep Facebook for. I seem to be the only person who has the following point of view, but I personally feel that a vehicle-specific forum (such as this one) should only have pictures and topics posted in my Trader area of that specific vehicle. Yes, I know that other Traders post whatever they're up to, but that simply doesn't make sense to me personally. Just one of those things, I guess. I'll take on board what's been said here. Thanks to the people who've commented.
  15. Mondo 300

    Forum Traders vs outside agencies

    This all seems to answer my question, really. I can't especially promote my work if I'm not actively working on either a 350Z or 370Z, unless I post loads of threads about cars that members potentially have zero interest in. As I said, it was a question I wanted to ask and I don't regret asking it. Nor do I expect to regret it in the future. Thanks for the input, everyone. Much appreciated.